Regional Chapters and Affinity Groups

Regional Chapters 

We love it when alumni come back to campus for Homecoming, a University event or just because. Because a visit to Binghamton University isn't always possible - and can be very time-consuming if you live far away - we bring the University to several regions both in the United States and overseas.

The Alumni Association's regional chapters provide numerous occasions for Binghamton graduates to come together for professional networking, presentations on stimulating topics and just for fun. Our chapters make the Binghamton University presence in major metropolitan areas more visible to alumni and prospective students.

Affinity Groups

Connecting with other Binghamton alumni is always more fun when you have a shared interest. The Alumni Association's affinity groups enable graduates who feel a strong affiliation to a career field or student organization to form an identity as an alumni group, host events and meet for a common reason. Groups could include but are not limited to clubs or teams that alumni belonged to as students, identity-based groups, and groups with a particular career focus.