Binghamton University Mentoring Program

Share your experiences, make an impact

Do you remember how you felt as a student about life after Binghamton? Was it scary to think about being in the real world? Remember how encouraging it was to get advice from someone who made the journey you were going to make?

Whether you think of it as paying it forward or paying it back, you can advise current students, and our new mentoring program makes it easy to fit this into your busy lifestyle.

Once you create your account on our software platform, you can add some information about yourself, and students who are interested in connecting to alumni in their career field and region will be able to find you. Communication between you and them takes place online, but could develop into conversations by e-mail, phone or in person.

Want to share your insights and experiences? Start connecting now with students. If you have questions, contact Megan Borovicka in the Office of Alumni Engagement at