BOLD 10 Under 10 Awards

The Alumni Association and Bearcats of the Last Decade (BOLD) Leadership Council sponsor the BOLD 10 Under 10 Alumni Awards. Young alumni are changing the world in a variety of ways. Our 10 Under 10 Awards recognize 10 changemakers who graduated from Binghamton University within the last 10 years. Honorees have achieved considerable success in their field; are active in their communities through volunteerism, mentorship or activism; have made significant contributions toward alumni engagement; and are positive role models for current and future students.

The BOLD 10 Under 10 Awards will be presented in May 2024 in Manhattan.

Below, you'll see answers to frequently asked questions. If there is anything additional you'd like to know, contact the BOLD Leadership Council by email or at 607-777-2424. 

What is BOLD?
BOLD is short for Bearcats of the Last Decade. This is an affinity group comprised of people who graduated from Binghamton University within the last 10
years. Learn more at the BOLD web page

Who can submit a nomination for a BOLD 10 Under 10 award?
Anyone! You just need to have enough information about the nominee to complete the online submission form

Can I nominate myself?
Yes! In fact, we encourage self-nominations.

Who can be nominated?
Any graduate of Binghamton University who received his or her most recent degree between May 2014 and May 2024.

Can I nominate more than one person?
Yes! You can nominate as many BOLD alumni as you would like.

I'd like to nominate someone whose accomplishments don't completely line up with the award criteria. Can I do this?
Absolutely! Our goal is to nominate recent graduates whose achievements set them apart from their peers. If you know of someone for whom this holds true,
we'd like to hear from you.

Can I nominate someone who received a graduate degree from Binghamton?

If the prospective nominee received undergraduate and graduate degrees from Binghamton, what year is used for the cutoff?
The most recent graduation year will be used to determine eligibility.

What if I don’t know a certain piece of information about a nominee?
Fill out the form to the best of your ability. Type N/A in any fields you are not able to complete.

What does winning the award entail?
An invitation to an awards ceremony in Manhattan in May 2024, a trophy and publicity on the BOLD website.

If a nominee is not selected to receive an award, can a nomination be resubmitted in a future year?

As a nominator, how will my information be used?
You may be contacted if we need clarification or further information about your nominee. If your nominee is selected, we will invite you to the awards ceremony.