The sub-committees of HCI are the working groups focused on specific topics or priorities as deteremined by HCI leadership. Each year, the sub-committees have specific goals related to both the strategic plan as well as many side projects. 

Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drugs

Supports the HCI by working to promote the prevention of high risk drug and alcohol use. This subcommittee works in tandem with the Interdisciplinary Tobacco Use Research Program (ITURP) who supports the tobacco free policy and cessation efforts on campus.

Chair: Rasheema Wright, ATOD Coordinator

Employee Health and Wellness

Supports the HCI by focusing on improving employee engagement in health and wellness-related activities and by exploring and improving institutional support, human resource policies, bargaining unit participation and health benefits. This subcommittee also encourages faculty/staff members to incorporate the Healthy Campus mission into their daily student encounters.

Chair: Allison Gilli and Angella Kim

Evaluation and Assessment

Supports the HCI by reviewing existing campus data as part of an ongoing needs assessment, helping to prioritize programming efforts and resources, and to plan and implement new assessment tools.

Chair: Eric Walsh, Director, Student Affairs Assessment and Solution for Engagement

Marketing and Branding

Supports the HCI by communicating its endeavors and campus-wide health programming through the use of a website, print materials and social media. This subcommittee ensures proper usage of the HCI logo and the implementation of our branding strategy. 

Mental Health

Is an interdisciplinary team supporting the HCI by promoting emotional and mental wellness, including suicide prevention. This subcommittee assesses current aspects of mental health on campus and implements programs that positively influence emotional well-being.

Mark Rice, Cinical Director, University Counseling Center
Colleen Rozelle, Case Management Coordinator, CARE Team
Dan Matos, Mental Health Coordinator


Upholds the HCI's mission by working to create positive and engaging dining environments on campus that make selecting healthier food options easier for patrons.

Chair: Alexa Schmidt, Registered Dietitian, Binghamton University Dining Services 

Physical Activity

Supports the HCI by working to bring physical activity awareness and education to the campus community through collaborative efforts. Emphasis is on increasing overall participation in exercise, connecting the benefits of physical activity to other health-related issues and creating an environment that supports an active lifestyle.

Chair: TBD, Assistant Director Fitness and Wellness, Campus Recreation