Disc Golf

Disc golf

Binghamton's 18 hole, 4,560-feet, par-58 disc golf course runs throughout the East Campus wooded areas. The course features a variety of hole distances and settings, which prove to be challenging for beginner and advanced players alike.

Teeing off

The first tee box is located in the wooded area just south of the Recreation Center (next to the footpath).

Scorecards and disc sets are available for check-out to students, faculty and staff at the Rec Center front desk during building hours. Players are also welcome to use their own discs to play.

Rules and policies


  • Each hole begins at the tee
  • Subsequent throws are made from where the disc comes to rest (lie)
  • Hole is finished when disc is supported by chains or basket
  • Player farthest from target throws first
  • Lowest score from previous hole tees off first

Basic rules of play

  • At least one foot on tee for first throw
  • On fairway, throw from a spot in line with the target and 12" behind the lie
  • A run up and follow through are always allowed, except within 10 meters of the target, which is considered a putt
  • Casual relief should be taken from an unsafe lie
  • Do not attempt to retrieve discs list in water or secured areas (i.e. playground or gated areas)
  • Full rules of play and instructional videos are available at the Disc Golf Association website.

Courtesy and etiquette

  • Remain quiet and avoid unnecessary movements when others are throwing
  • Stand behind the player who is throwing until the throw is complete
  • Allow faster groups to play through
  • Players must yield the right of way to pedestrian and other activities
  • Do not vandalize targets, signs, equipment, and landscaping