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Campus Recreation has recreational equipment available for unstructured activities on a limited basis (see below). Borrowers assume responsibility for the cost of replacement in case of loss or damage. In addition, the department provides equipment for most structured activities such as Intramurals, Group Fitness and Outdoor Pursuits.

Outdoor camping equipment is available for rental at the Outdoor Pursuits Rental Center at the Rec Center in the East Gym.

Recreational Equipment

Racquetball and Squash Courts — Update

Racquetball and squash courts are locked at all times (effective Feb. 11, 2014), and users are required to show identification at the East Gym to obtain a key.

Equipment may be checked out at Rec Center at the East Gym, up to 15 minutes prior to closing. Binghamton University ID is required to borrow equipment. Users who lose or damage equipment assume responsibility for the cost of replacement.

Please note that the specific piece of equipment issued is what must be returned (i.e. if you check out basketball #6 you must return basketball #6).

The following is a list of equipment that's available for checkout, along with the corresponding replacement fees.  If damaged or lost, the individual that checked it out will be billed:

Item Cost
Basketball (Men, Women, Outdoor) $35
Soccer Ball (Outdoor) $28
Volleyball (Indoor & Outdoor) $35
Kickball $8
Dodgeballs $80 (6 ball set with bag)
Football $30
Tennis Racquet $30
Tennis Balls $5 Per Container
Badminton Racquet $20
Badminton Birdies $12 per container
Racquetball Racquet $20
Racquetballs $5 Per Container
Racquetball Court Key $65
Squash Rackets $20
Squash Balls $4 each
Frisbees $5
Cones $9 each
Base Set $15 (set of 4)
Equipment Bags $10 each
Pinnies $6 each
Combination Lock (locker rentals) $5 each


Contact Us

Equipment may be available for special events hosted at the Rec Center, based of year and availability. Call 777-PLAY to learn more.

Last Updated: 1/23/18