Lockers and Towels

Lockers and towels

It is recommended that users secure personal belonging in lockers and valuables (e.g. watches, jewelry, cell phone) be left at home. Do not leave personal items unattended. Campus Recreational Services and Binghamton University are not responsible for any lost or stolen items, including those locked in a locker.


The Rec Center offers patrons many options to secure their belongings. Quarter lockers are available on both levels of the Rec Center. Day use lockers are available. Lockers are free of charge (You must bring your own lock. Locks cannot be left overnight).

Lockers can be rented for longer periods of time. Patrons may rent a tall or half-sized locker. Locker rentals can be completed at Member Services.

All locker rentals include the use of an assigned combination lock. Renters are required to use the provided lock and assume responsibility for the combination lock. If the lock is lost or stolen, the renter will be charged a $5 lock replacement fee.

Half locker rental

Summer semester 2018 $30 8/17/18
Fall semester 2018 $30 12/14/18
Spring semester 2019 $30 5/17/19
Academic Annual 2018-19 $55 5/17/19
Annual paid by the month $7/mo. 1 year from purchase date
Summer semester 2019 $30 8/16/19

Full locker rental

Academic Annual 2018-19 $70 5/17/19
Annual 2018-19 $80 8/16/2019
Annual paid by the month $8/mo. 1 year from purchase date

Towel service

All locker rentals include a full-sized shower towel and laundry service. Patrons can pick up their clean towel at Member Services.

FitSpace users are offered free courtesy hand towels each time they visit the center. Towels are available at the FitSpace front desk. Courtesy hand towels may not leave the facility.

Sales tax

To be in compliance with New York State tax regulations, Campus Recreation is now required to collect sales tax on a few items sold at the Recreation Center — specifically, locker rentals, retail items at the front desk (food, as well as other miscellaneous items like goggles, water bottles, toiletries, etc.) and supply items available through Outdoor Pursuits (socks, mittens, long underwear, bike repair tools, etc.).

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