Fitness Reimbursement Program

Health & Wellness Incentive Reimbursement Program

In support of the University-wide B-Healthy Initiative, Campus Recreation has developed the Health & Wellness Incentive Reimbursement Program. This program will allow University benefit-eligible faculty and staff* (see Eligibility) to apply for a 50% reimbursement of their Academic Annual Fitness Membership fee after completing at least 38 exercise sessions within the membership time period. 

In order to be eligible for the reimbursement, program participants must pay member fees in full at the start of the membership period. 

Once the program participant has met the session requirements after at least six months into the membership, they can start the reimbursement claim process:

  1. Complete and submit the verification form (available at the front desk of the East Gym, Rec Center)
  2. Provide proof of membership fee payment
  3. Provide verification of exercise sessions (available through Campus Recreation)

Reimbursements will be processed within 30 days of receipt. Any reimbursed amount may be considered income and subject to state and federal taxes.


The Health and Wellness Incentive Reimbursement Program is currently open to University benefit-eligible faculty and staff (temporary hourly University employees are not eligible for this pilot program). Binghamton University Dining, Barnes & Noble and Campus Pre-School employees are also eligible for this pilot program. Research Foundation employees are not eligible for this program since they presently have a similar program available.

If you are unsure about your eligibility status for this pilot program, we encourage you to call Sara DeClemente-Hammoud with Human Resources at (607) 777-4939 for clarification BEFORE purchasing your fitness membership.

Program benefits

Benefits to participating in an employee fitness reimbursement program may include improved physical and mental health, improved productivity, increased job satisfaction and lower personal medical costs. One recent study found that employees who participated in a similar program exercised three times as often as those who did not participate and were twice as likely to maintain their exercise routine after the membership term ended.

Contact us

Liz Rurey
Campus Recreation
(607) 777-6372

For general program questions and the status of a reimbursement request.

Sara DeClemente-Hammoud 
Human Resources
(607) 777-4939

For questions about program eligibility.


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