Diverse in perspectives and approaches

Our professors are scholars in areas like education, human rights, health care, sustainability, philanthropy, substance use and mental health — and they’re doing their work in our backyard.

While our faculty are experts in a range of areas, the college is united by core values of social justice, interdisciplinary collaboration and applied scholarship. We believe in generating knowledge that can lead to new models, improve best practices and change communities both at home and abroad. Conducting research with real impact is just as much part of our philosophy as it is our everyday work

Collaboration is key

Our faculty collaborate with other University departments, nonprofit and governmental organizations, health and human services agencies, school systems and businesses to enhance the scholarship and contribute to mutually beneficial partnerships. Our undergraduate, master’s and doctoral students are encouraged to work closely with professors and contribute to research, through both coursework and independent study.

The college houses the University’s Institute for Justice and Well-Being, which is an interdisciplinary research center that guides schools, health and social services programs and builds communities.

CCPA is also home to the Generative Culture Research Initiative, aimed at implementing an award-winning process called "life writing" at organizations that serve low-income urban and rural communities throughout the United States.

Several of our professors are associated with a University Transdisciplinary Area of Excellence, which dedicate resources to addressing critical social, scientific, technological, economic, cultural and policy issues by forming interdisciplinary teams of faculty members.

Integral to learning and teaching

Read more about highlights of faculty research and areas of research happening in every program and department of our College:

  • Community Research and Action PhD Program
  • Human Development Department
  • Public Administration Department
  • Social Work Department 
  • Student Affairs Administration Department
  • Teaching, Learning and Educational Leadership