Student Manager Application FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can I apply to become a Student Manager?
    Students can submit a resume and cover letter through HireBing or email them to
  • What can I expect from the hiring process?
    Once all applications are submitted and reviewed, you will be notified via email if you have been selected for an interview. Please allow up to (2) weeks after your interview for a decision from UTS. If you are not offered a position as a UTS Student Manager, we encourage you to reapply in the future.
  • Who is eligible to apply?
    We hire current Binghamton University undergraduate students at all levels.
  • How many hours per week are SMs expected to work?
    We ask that SMs provide 6-12 hours per week that they are available to work.
  • Will I have the same scheduled hours each week?
    Yes. We ask that our SMs provide hours that they are available to work each week. Schedules do not change week to week. SMs are expected to schedule schoolwork, group assignments, club meetings, etc. outside of their work schedule.
  • What are some responsibilities of a UTS SM?
    SMs are assigned to the front desk of the CIW Library. SM responsibilities include but are not limited to: monitoring the CIW Library, answering general tutoring questions from students, visiting the other locations to resupply materials as necessary, answering the CIW Library phone at the front desk and assisting UTS staff with various tasks.
  • What is the pay rate?
    The pay rate is $13.20/hour for UTS Student Managers.

If you have further questions, please email