Campus Appearance Committee

The Binghamton University Campus Appearance Committee is a decision-making body responsible for, among other duties, directing and managing public art and commemorative elements on campus. And when necessary makes recommendations to the President's Senior Officer's Group for a final decision.

 The  Committee establishes guidelines for the creation, installation, and maintenance of all signs, graphics and public art throughout Binghamton University campus to ensure consistency in campus signage systems and in support of the University's identity.

This committee, convened to maintain order and consistency among all signage that is created and displayed on any Binghamton University campus site, is responsible for:

  • Setting a standard for all sign graphics and environmental signage applications.
  • Developing and maintaining a consistent campus map.
  • Ensuring all signage adheres to the University's identity standards.
  • Establishing a naming convention hierarchy for all signage.
  • Establishing consistent digital signage for the campus.
  • Public artwork displays.

The Committee meets once a month to discuss all requests. 

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