Ordering Stationery

Creative Services works with Dupli Envelopes & Graphics to offer online service for ordering University stationery. This website will allow you to create and track orders.

Available from Dupli

  • Business cards
  • Letterhead: available on certificate bond (watermark) or laser friendly
  • Envelopes: available are:
    • #9: regular, window and security (tinted) 
    • #10 regular, window and security (tinted) 
    • 10" x 13" brown kraft envelopes (open at the short end)
    • Oversized white envelopes are also available, but must be ordered via a phone call to Dupli at 1-800-724-2477 ext. 7252 or 315-234-7252 

FOR ALL OTHER ORDERS: Use Creative Services' project request form for all other orders, such as advertisements, annual reports, brochures, etc.

Using the online ordering system

NOTE: This system doesn't work properly if you use Google Chrome; you must use a different Internet browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, etc.).

A username and password are required to use the online ordering system. Most University departments/offices have a representative who is responsible for placing stationery orders and already has these. To find out who your department/office representative is or to request access to the system if you're responsible for this task for your department/office, please contact Valerie Roosa in Creative Services at 607-777-2612 or vnossal@binghamton.edu.

Once you have a username and password:

  1. Using an Internet browser other than Google Chrome, go to: http://www.duplionline.com/
  2. Click on "login" on the upper left side of the page
  3. Account code: bu
  4. Username: enter your user name
  5. Password: enter your password
  6. Click on "sign in"
  7. You will see Dupli's homepage for Binghamton University; from here you may:
    • Get an overview of the site: click "get started" on the lower left side of the page 
    • Learn how to create an order: click "create order" on the lower left side of the page 
    • Learn how to track an order: click "track order" on the lower left side of the page
    • Get started immediately: those already familiar with the site may use the navigation options running horizontally at the top of the page to create an order; track an order; or view saved orders, contracts or the FAQ

Questions or problems?

If you have difficulty placing an order, need assistance or have questions about this process, contact Valerie Roosa in the Creative Services Office at 607-777-2612 or vnossal@binghamton.edu.