Creative Services Project Request

Important Note

As Binghamton University grows and changes on its Path to Premier, so too must University Communications and Marketing. After a lengthy review of our department and how we can best align ourselves with the University’s Road Map and strategic priorities, we have a new way of considering project requests and developing creative materials.

We will now be prioritizing work that has the potential to make the largest impact for the University. This includes projects that affect graduate and undergraduate recruitment and admissions. In addition, we will continue to focus on efforts that raise Binghamton University’s image to a national level. Further, to ensure consistent, cohesive design that best advances the University’s image, University Communications and Marketing retains creative authority on all projects we develop.

What does this mean for you?

You may still submit your project request below. We will review your submission and one of our team members will be in touch. By submitting this request, you agree that University Communications and Marketing maintains creative authority on the project.

Having trouble editing your web pages?

Fill out a web trouble ticket and someone from the web team will be in touch with you to resolve the issue.

Stationery Requests

If what you need is University stationery (letterhead, envelopes or business cards), you may order these items through our online storefront.

Work provided by external vendors

The Creative Services Group within University Communications and Marketing is responsible for working with the campus partner and vendor on any issues identified up to 30 days following delivery/installation of a project. After 30 days, it is the client's responsibility to communicate issues to the vendor.

Delivery Dates

Sufficient lead-time is needed for the creative process and to manage the volume of project requests we receive daily. Production times vary depending on the nature of the project and our workload; consider the following, general guidelines when submitting your project request:

Type of project Examples Time estimates
Reprints / Minor alterations
  • Reprints without changes
  • Small changes to text or photos in brochures, programs
  • Small text changes to forms or websites
3 weeks
(15 business days)
Moderate alterations / Small projects
  • Reprints with minor changes to text or photos
  • Moderate changes to invitations, simple brochures, fliers, postcards
  • Moderate changes, minor enhancements to websites
5 weeks
(25 business days)
Significant changes to existing projects or small new projects
  • New small design projects
  • Moderate changes to brochures, fliers, postcards
  • Small new web projects, major enhancements to websites
9 weeks
(45 business days)
Medium/large writing and design-intensive projects
  • Medium/large design-intensive projects such as view books, annual reports, magazines
  • Major medium/large web projects, application development
14 weeks
(70 business days)

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