Slideshows & Photo Galleries


Slideshows have proven themselves to be a poor vehicle for promoting content. Evidence has repeatedly shown that users rarely click past the first slide or wait for the slide to advance. Slideshows also present accessibility concerns as they make it very difficult for non-sighted users to gain use. 

Due to these usability and accessibility concerns, the University's Web Team no longer supports slideshows on the website. Marketing of events or services on landing pages can be accomplished with hero images, please contact us for more details.

Photo Galleries

Many of the galleries posted throughout the years have quickly become out-dated and the images have been poorly managed. In recent years, a host of online image providers have allowed users to create, upload and maintain photos, most notably Facebook, Instagram and Flickr. Another distinct advantage is that these galleries are designed to be shared, increasing exposure and shareability.

Given the ease of access and level of service these providers offer, the University's Web Team no longer supports uploading of image galleries to the website.