4+1 Programs

4+1 BSCS and MSCS

What is it?

A program (pending SUNY approval) designed to allow exceptionally capable and motivated undergraduate students interested in pursuing research in the field of computer science to earn both a bachelor's (BS) and a master's (MS) degree in computer science in a five-year period.

Who is eligible?

Students are encouraged to apply at the end of their junior year (i.e. the semester in which they will complete all of the 300-level computer science and mathematics area requirements) but must apply no later than the end of the first semester of their senior year. A GPA in the computer science (CS) major of at least 3.3 is required for admission.

How to apply?

An application form is available on the Watson College 4+1 webpage or in the Computer Science Department office. Applicants should meet with the CS director of graduate studies as part of the application process. In addition, students must apply for formal admission to the Graduate School during their senior year.

What are the program requirements?

To earn a bachelor of science (BS) degree in CS, students will complete at least 19 credits of CS courses numbered 400 or above. The 19 credits will include 400-level required and elective courses as well as graduate elective courses. At most, three graduate elective courses (9 credit hours) may double-count in the BS and MS programs, but courses must be selected to meet the distribution requirement of the undergraduate degree. 18 credits of coursework (not including project or thesis credit or any other course graded S/U) must be completed after the award of the BS in CS to meet the graduate residence requirement. Students must meet all other requirements for the master’s of science (MS) degree in CS.

When are the degrees awarded?

The BSCS degree is awarded upon completion of the BSCS requirements. This will normally be at the end of the eighth semester. The MSCS degree is awarded upon completion of the MSCS requirements. This will normally be at the end of the 10th semester. Students must complete the necessary forms, including the Declaration of Candidacy, for both degrees.

4+1 BSCS and MBA

Students have the opportunity to complete both the BS in computer science and a Master of Business Administration (MBA) in five years. Students should visit the Watson College Advising Office for questions regarding the curriculum for the undergraduate degree and the School of Management graduate advising office for questions regarding the MBA program.