Dual Diploma Program

SUNY-YÖK Dual-Diploma Bachelor's Degree in Information Systems

Binghamton University - in partnership with Istanbul Technical University, the oldest and one of the must prestigious universities in Turkey - offers a dual-diploma bachelor's degree in Information Systems.

This innovative program prepares students from several prominent research universities in Turkey with high-level substantive knowledge and analytical skills for careers in high-technology areas that require global perspectives. This four-year program includes full-time enrollment for the sophomore year and the senior year at Binghamton University.

Dual-diploma students take computer science, general education, management and other courses along side Binghamton students. Graduates of the program receive two diplomas, a bachelor of science degree from the Thomas J. Watson College of Engineering and Applied Science and a Lisans in Information Systems Engineering from Istanbul Technical University.

Course Descriptions

  • Binghamton course descriptions. Select Computer Science for CS courses and School of Management for MIS courses.
  • ITU course descriptions . This page contains details on the Information Systems Engineering Program curriculum that is taken at ITU during years 1 and 3 of the program.

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