Binghamton University faculty and staff are often the first to encounter a student in crisis. If a student reports to you that they were sexually assaulted, raped or stalked, support the student. Speak to them in a quiet private place. Listen to them and encourage them to seek help. Tell the student they have done the right thing by coming to you for assistance, but do not press for details. If the student wishes, they can report the incident to the police, the Title IX office, or the CARE team. Faculty and staff (aside from those in confidential offices) are required to report all sexual misconduct complaints to the Title IX office.

The student’s health and safety should be your primary concern. If the student’s safety is an immediate concern, contact University Police at 607-777-2222 (from a cell phone) or 911 (from a campus phone). Once the student’s immediate safety needs have been met, the Dean of Students Office CARE Team or the Violence, Abuse and Rape Crisis Center can help coordinate services (contact information below). You can also suggest that the student seek emotional support from the University Counseling Center (607-777-2772).

If there is any question about how to proceed after a conversation with a student, either the CARE Team or the University Counseling Center (UCC) can provide phone consultation. For after-hours consultation, call the UCC and choose option 2.  


University Counseling Center

A confidential resource, to address the incident in a therapeutic way without needing to report it.

Old O'Connor 264

Violence, Abuse and Rape Crisis Center

A single place for reporting an incident of sexual violence, where multiple services are coordinated.

Old Johnson, 3rd floor


Provides support and advocacy.

Sexual assault support resources

Title IX office

Make a report: