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Curriculum Plans and Worksheets

  • Visit our Google drive for graduate nursing curriculum plans and curriculum worksheets from previous years; current plans are posted on the program webpages

Forms for Decker Graduate Students

General forms

Graduate request for transfer of credit or course waiver form: Students may petition to have credits earned at other institutions transferred or waived. Submitting this request will result in an evaluation of previously completed courses for transfer or waiver of credit to meet graduate program degree requirements.

Student contact information form: If you have any change in your home address, phone number or personal email address, notify the Division of Advising and Academic Excellence using this contact information form. See instructions online to inform the University's Students Records and Registrar Services Office of changes. 

To submit a change to your name or social security number, download the Student Social Security Number/Name Change/Update form listed on this Student Records forms webpage.

Incomplete contract: When a graduate student receives a grade of incomplete, the Decker School requires that an internal DSON Incomplete Contract (available from the Graduate Nursing Office by emailing between student and faculty member be drawn up to identify the remaining course objectives to be completed and a deadline by which the work is to be submitted to the instructor for grading. 

Independent Study course registration form: Students must submit a form (available from the Graduate Nursing Office by emailing to register for an Independent Study. Independent Study courses are identified in the online Schedule of Classes and generally have course numbers ending in 97; for example, NURS 597, NURS 697. It is the student’s responsibility to secure all information and signatures required. 

Forms for DNP students

Forms for PhD in Nursing students

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