Decker College of Nursing and Health Sciences

Cutting-Edge Simulation

Decker's Innovative Simulation and Practice Center is accredited in Teaching/Education by the Society for Simulation (SSH) in Healthcare. It is the first nursing school in New York state to achieve this accreditation.

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Our Community and Network

Our alumni are well-established as leading clinicians, researchers, educators and administrators, and they are eagerly recruited by employers across the globe.

Telehealth Education Consortium

Decker College Student, Career and Alumni Connections

Decker College's Student, Career and Alumni Connections provides opportunities for student engagement with the community, employers and alumni. Additionally, the team fosters relationships with employers interested in hiring Decker students.

Our Location

Decker College is located in a renovated, 112,000-square-foot building on the University's 15-acre Health Sciences Campus in Johnson City, N.Y.