General Academic Petition

*This form is for Harpur College Undergraduate students only. 


  1. Discuss your General Academic Petition request with your Undergraduate Director or your instructor (see petition for appropriate contact)
  2. Undergraduate Directors or Instructors should send approval emails directly to Harpur College at
  3. Submit the complete General Academic Petition, including any relevant documentation to

Petitions typically take up to five business days to be evaluated. When further investigation is required, decisions may take longer. Results of your petition will be emailed to you at your Binghamton email address with further instruction, if necessary. 

This petition may be used for the following:

Harpur Writing Course Substitution

  • Purpose: At the beginning of a semester, senior students only may request consideration of non-designated Harpur course for Harpur Writing satisfaction as a "W" writing course. The instructor must confirm how the student will fulfill the writing requirement.
  • Signature Required: Instructor
  • Important Note: At least one C or J course must be taken at Binghamton University.

Extension of Incomplete Beyond the 18-month Grade Change Deadline

  • Information to Include in Petition: Provide the department and course number, the semester in which you took the course, the reason why it was not completed, and the way and time frame in which you expect to finish the coursework.
  • Signature Required: Instructor who submitted the original "I" grade.
  • Important Note: Students should not register for this course again since the instructor will submit a change of grade form for the original registration. 

Change of Bulletin Year

  • Purpose: Students readmitted under current Bulletin year requirements may petition to return to their original Bulletin provided that Bulletin is no older than ten years.
  • Signature Required: Major Department Undergraduate Director 

Waiver of Residence

  • Purpose: This is a leave to continue or complete degree requirements at another institution. Study Abroad, National Student Exchange students and students who wish to complete their final credits elsewhere make this request.
  • Signature Required: Major Department Undergraduate Director


  • Changing Grading Option (P/F) After the Deadline
  • Exceeding a Harpur Limit

Type directly into the General Academic Petition Form.  

This petition should not be used for:

  • Late Drop
  • Late Add
  • Degree Works Inquiries or Requests
  • Overloading