Individualized Major Program

The Individualized Major Program (IMP) provides students in Harpur College the opportunity to pursue their academic interests through innovative, interdisciplinary programs of their own design. Participants in the program work closely with faculty sponsors and the IMP Committee to frame interesting questions, to develop unique courses of study, and to undertake creative and original scholarly work. Recent individualized majors have included:

  • Human Behavior
  • Middle East and North African Studies
  • Biomedical Ethics
  • Advertising, Society, and Identity

Students interested in the Individualized Major Program should begin by carefully reviewing the Handbook and then contact the Harpur Advising Office to schedule an appointment with the IMP Coordinator. The Coordinator will help to determine whether a proposed course of study would be suitable for the program and will advise the student on developing the written proposals that they will submit to the Committee. Because the approval process for an individualized major requires a considerable investment of time, students are strongly encouraged to begin during their freshman and sophomore years.

Individualized Major Program Coordinator: