College Level Examination Program (CLEP) Exam Credit

College Level Examination Program (CLEP) Exam Policies:

  • CLEP exams (College Level Examination Program) are intended to allow students to receive elective credit for knowledge that has not previously been awarded college credit.
  • Credit is only awarded for subject exams, not for general exams. General exams, such as “Humanities”, address broad areas of knowledge. Subject exams, such as “Principles of Microeconomics”, address specific subject areas. A list and description of all CLEP exams is available on the CLEP website.
  • An exam that achieves the credit granting score will receive 4 credits. The only exception is a foreign language exam score at the second level, which will receive 8 credits. Please see the CLEP website for an explanation of the scoring system.
  • You can receive a maximum of 32 exam credits from all sources (AP, IB, CLEP, A-Levels)
    • Students who have more than 32 credits from exam coursework should consult with Harpur Advising to discuss which 32 credits should be used towards their degree.
  • Harpur College does not grant composition credit on an exam basis; therefore a student cannot obtain writing credit for a CLEP exam.
  • Harpur College does not grant language proficiency or World Language general education credit for CLEP exams. Students cannot complete their World Language general education requirement with a CLEP exam. Approved CLEP credit in a language will transfer for general elective credit only.
  • Students who have earned credit for a higher level course will not receive credit for a CLEP exam that implies/requires knowledge of lower-level material. For example, a student with college-level credit for Calculus would not receive credit for the Pre-Calculus or College Algebra CLEP exams.
  • Since it is important that earlier college level work not be duplicated, students should always submit a transfer credit petition from our "Forms & Petitions" page before taking a CLEP exam.

For more information on CLEP exams, please visit the CLEP website.