Take Charge With Harpur Edge

Take Charge With Harpur Edge

Harpur Edge provides students with professional, intellectual and personal development and support.

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Click here to Zoom M-F 10am-5pm with Harpur Edge in our Virtual Office. Students can connect with us by making an appointment. If you have any questions on how we can help you get a personal, intellectual and professional edge, email harpuredge@binghamton.edu or call 607-777-4278.

Intellectual Development at Harpur Edge

Intellectual Development

Students can develop intellectually through building connections with faculty and participating in programming offered by Harpur Edge and our partners.

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Professional Development at Harpur Edge

Professional Development

Harpur Edge promotes the professional development of Harpur students through high impact learning experiences, professional skill-building and connecting students to alumni.

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Personal Development at Harpur Edge

Personal Development

Harpur Edge encourages personal development of Harpur students to enhance their life-long growth and wellbeing through mindfulness skill-building and other programs.

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