Harpur Edge Crash Courses

Harpur Edge Crash Courses

Crash Courses are offered on a variety of topics to give Harpur College students an edge on their professional development for future internship, research or job opportunities.

Crash Course Topics Currently Offered Include:

Getting Started with Data Analysis in Tableau

We live in a world filled with and defined by data. This workshop introduced the basics of gathering social, cultural, and historical data, understanding it, and gaining meaning from it. The techniques are useful as academic research tools, but also in the workplace. We used a number of open source computational tools, in addition to Tableau, a powerful, but easy-to-use analytics platform.

  • Who led this crash course? This workshop was led by Jason Tercha, PhD Candidate in the Department of History, Nancy Um, Professor of Art History and Associate Dean at Harpur College, Amy Gay, the Digital Scholarship Librarian for Binghamton University and Amanda Ortiz Molina, a PhD student in the History Department.
  • Outcomes: 100% of students who participated reported satisfaction with what they learned in this Harpur Edge Crash Course.
  • Testimonial: One participant said, "I learned how to analyze data in a basic way using Tableau software. Also, I know in the future how to learn more from this software because I learned how to use the help features and open source databases."

Python Coding 2-day Crash Course

Python is not just one of the most versatile programming languages out there -- it can be used in everything from web design to data analysis to artificial intelligence -- but also one of the easiest to learn. This workshop helped beginners familiarize themselves with the basic building blocks of Python.

During this session, we covered; using basic control flow, data types, simple data structures, and functions. Developing code using the IDLE environment, writing simple graphical programs and working with files and network programming, including making API calls.

  • Who led this crash course? Steven Moore is a full-time lecturer in the Department of Computer Science at Binghamton University. He has worked as a software engineer for Lockheed Martin and web developer for BU's Marketing and Communications Office. He currently teaches courses on the C++ programming language, data structures, digital logic, and other topics.
  • Outcomes: Prior Harpur Students reported 100% satisfaction with the training.
  • Testimonial: One participant said, " The program was fantastic and taught basic elements of the Python language in an easy to digest way."

    Another shared, "I gained the fundamentals of Python and will use them in research settings that I will be going into."

    Another Harpur student said, "I knew a little bit of java and wanted to learn a little bit of python. The ability to make algorithms and programs to serve my needs is useful and will definitely be leveraged to achieve more efficient problem solving. Also, it's fun to make dumb code."

Building A Successful Brand and Online Presence

Students learn the essence of digital storytelling and how to develop engaging online content to build a brand. This workshop provided a crash course in digital communications, including how to; create and manage a social media presence for an organization or institution. Utilize FB/IG ads, analytics and targeting to help a brand standout. Develop engaging multimedia content that speaks to a targeted audience. Work with the media to reach the broader public. Participants will also have the opportunity to analyze the communications efforts of a real-world business, as well as come up with a communications plan for that business.

  • Who led this crash course? Ryan Yarosh is the Senior Director of Media & Public Relations for Binghamton University. He has more than 20 years of experience in media relations, issues management, social media and video production. He currently oversees social media and public relations activities for the University.
  • Outcomes: 100% of Students were Satisfied with what they learned in this session.
  • Testimonial: "I learned how nonprofits and companies build a brand and got to propose a communications plan for a local company. I might consider applying to social media internships with what I learned."

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