Harpur Edge Connection Builder

Program Overview

Harpur Edge Connection Builder is a four-week program to teach Harpur College students what they need to know about building professional connections with alumni to help them get a professional edge! Using Mentor Match, an online platform that connects Binghamton students with alumni volunteers, students will explore career paths and learn how to distinguish themself as they embark on their profession and prepare for a successful future.

Students will learn how to create their Mentor Match profile, refine their resume, identify alumni in area(s) of career interest, reach out and connect for informational interviews, mentoring relationships and virtual or in-person shadowing opportunities.

Information for students

  • What to expect
    • Selected students will be invited to an orientation session where they will be given access to the Harpur Edge Connection Builder track in B-engaged and receive instructions for successful completion of the program.
    • Students will be assigned to a group of peers based on their career interests. They will work with a Harpur Edge Programs Associate who will provide them with personal assistance as they move through the program.
    • Throughout the four-week program, students will meet with a Harpur Edge Programs Associate to receive guidance on how to use Mentor Match (and LinkedIn) to identify alumni to connect with to schedule virtual or in person meetings. They will learn how to conduct a productive informational interview with their mentor, process findings and identify next steps in their career exploration.
    • The goal for students is to connect with at least one alumnus or alumna in a field of interest for an informational interview to explore that career path. Students may have the opportunity for virtual or in-person shadowing if their mentor is available.
  • Eligibility

    Harpur undergraduates who have completed a minimum of one semester of college by the start of the program are eligible to apply. Preference is given to current and rising sophomores.

  • How to apply

    Students can apply by submitting the application form attached below:


    Applications must be submitted by Wednesday, February 14 . Students will be notified of acceptance by February 16.  Weekly meetings (4 total) will begin the week of February 26.

    Prior to the start of the program, students will be assigned to a group led by a Harpur Edge Programs Associate based on availability.

Information for alumni sponsors

  • What to expect

    Share your passion and make a significant difference in the lives of talented Harpur undergraduates by volunteering as a mentor.

    Harpur Edge Connection Builder is a facilitated program to teach students how to use Mentor Match - an online platform connecting Binghamton students with alumni — helping to prepare them for a successful future, navigate their careers and, perhaps, explore new career paths.

    How alumni sponsors can benefit from Harpur Edge Connection Builder:

    • Make a difference in the life of a student
    • Share your passion for your career
    • Stay connected to your alma mater
    • Be a positive role model and "pay it forward"
  • How to become a Connection Builder mentor

    When you sign up to be a mentor in Mentor Match, you will be asked to complete your profile. You can indicate  whether you are willing to have a student shadow you in your place of employment or virtually.

    Once you are registered as a mentor, students will be able to reach out to request a meeting with you. You have the option of accepting the request and selecting a day and time that works for you.

The Liberal Arts to Careers Extern Program (LACE) was Harpur Edge's signature shadowing program from 2010–2020. This program serves as the foundation for the new Harpur Edge Connection Builder program. If you were a student participant or alumni sponsor in the LACE program we welcome you to participate as a host in the Harpur Edge Connection Builder program by logging into MentorMatch and checking the box that you are available to host students for shadowing and this will invite Harpur Edge Connection Builder students to reach out to you for informational interviewing, virtual or in person shadowing opportunities.

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