Harpur Edge Science Live

Science Live at Harpur Edge

Harpur Edge is looking to collaborate with Harpur students, staff and faculty to showcase sciences in Harpur College. Participants will be able to share their love of science with others. Overall, Harpur Edge is here to bring your hard work in the sciences to the public sphere!

Science Live Event: 2 pm – 4pm on Monday April 8th

Harpur Edge will host a science themed extravaganza , where attendees will participate in science themed demonstrations and activities where they will get the chance to participate in science in action. Participants will have the opportunity to visit various spaces on campus  to participate in live science demonstrations and activities.

They will also vote on each project for the chance for the students hosting the experiments to win prizes.

Science Live will be held from 2 pm – 4pm on Monday April 8th, starting in the Bartle Library Breezeway and continuing to various spots throughout the campus including the Union for an Eclipse viewing party with food and eclipse glasses for all.

Submit by March 29th:

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Each group needs to provide their own supplies for the experiments. If your experiment has needs beyond a table for set up please contact Erin Cody at erin.cody@binghamton.edu two weeks prior to the event. We can work to accommodate your requests.

Harpur Edge is excited to partner with the Earth Sciences Department, Center for Civic Engagement and Multicultural Resource Center on Science Live.


If you have any further questions, please contact harpuredge@binghamton.edu or walk into the office located in Library North 1105.