How to Be Safe, Smart & Responsible

Tips for staying safe

When it comes to substance use, it's vital that you know how to stay safe. This means making choices that take into account the effects and consequences of using different types of substances. Not all consequences of substance use are intended. Consider the information information below before making a decision about whether or not to use.

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Safe consumption tips

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Blood alcohol concentration

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Standard drink serving sizes

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Alcohol poisoning

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Substance use emergencies

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Warning signs of a problem

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Where to get help

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How to help a friend

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Alternatives to partying

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Partygoer safety checklist

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Party host safety checklist

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How to be a good neighbor

Facts About the Most Commonly Used Substances

Learn the facts about the most commonly used substances. Each button below leads you to a page which includes a brief overview of the substance, prevalence rates, potential side effects, myths about the substance, and where you can go to find additional information that is reliable and scientifically driven. 

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Vaping / e-cigarettes

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Prescription drugs

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Smoking, tobacco and nicotine

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Smokeless tobacco

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Alcohol and athletic performance

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Happy Neighbors student guide for living off campus

The Happy Neighbors booklet is intended to be a resource for any Binghamton University student currently, or who will in the future, live off campus. It contains important tenant resources, suggestions for how to build positive relationships with neighbors and landlords, strategies for hosting safe social functions, and important local policies and laws.