Partner with us

The IEEC has a dedicated team of experienced staff members with industry experience that can be applied to solving your electronic packaging needs.

Our staff members have 15 to 20 years of industry experience and excel at understanding the urgency of industry-specific needs.

Keep us on speed dial to receive assistance at any stage, from beginning to completion, in helping you find a solution to your problem. 

What does the IEEC offer?

We have a diverse collection of equipment open for students, faculty and industry members use.

Weekly training takes place with staff members available to assist in the use of our cutting-edge equipment.

  • We work closely with the Analytical Diagnostic Lab (ADL) staff.
  • Our access to campus-wide equipment and faculty for additional resources.
  • We work closely with other campuses in the area.

If we are unable to assist you, we can point you to someone who can.

Our staff listens to your needs, brainstorms a way to maximize in twofolds

Why else should I join?

  • You will have exclusive access to an archive of past and on-going industry research projects with full reports and findings.
  • You will be updated with exclusive events held for the purpose of sharing knowledge and networking.

Interested in becoming a member? Contact Benson Chan, Associate Director at