• Sample preparation lab
  • Optical Microscopy Suite
  • Sonix HS500 HiSPEED Acoustic Microscope System
  • Fein Focus Series FXS 100.23 Real-Time X-Ray Imaging System
  • Coordinate Measuring Machine
  • Aetrium Model 6000 Bubble Leak Detector
  • Veeco System XR X-Ray Fluorescence Spectrometer
  • Dage Series 4000 and 4000+ Bond Testers
  • Rheometer/Viscometer
  • Ocean Optics Spectrum Analysis System
  • Analysis Tech 32-102 Event Detector
  • HP 4194A Impedance/Gain-Phase Analyzer
  • SR560 Low-Noise Voltage Preamplifier
  • SR-830 Dual-Phase DSP Lock-In Amplifier
  • Interconnect Parameter Analyzer and Time Domain Reflectometer
  • HP 8720C Vector Network Analyzer
  • WYKO NT 1100 Optical Profilometer

Reliability Testing

  • Thermotron S-1.2C Thermal Cycling Chamber
  • Tenney BTC Thermal Cycling Chamber
  • Trio Tech 1000R HAST Chamber
  • Espec ETS4-25W Thermal Shock Chamber


MPM Momentum Screen Printer

MPM printer is a high-speed, high-precision system for depositing precise patterns of solder paste on printed circuit boards through foil stencils, Solder Paste, a complex mixture of tiny particles of solder alloy and flux vehicle, is a challenging material to print onto a bare Surface Mount Technology (SMT) PCB. Solder paste printed deposits are essential to forming defect-free solder joints, the electrical and physical connections between electronic components and the PCB assembly.

Koh Young aSpire3 SPI

aSpire3 is bold-best performance 3D Solder Paste Insepction.
Industry leading measurement accuracy and inspection reliability.
Full 3D data-based process optimization solution: Realization of Industry 4.0/Smart Factory
Real-time process optimization through powerful SPC analytics

Ekra Screen Printer

EKRA Serio 4000 printer is an economical inline system with a closed-loop print-head, stencil underside cleaning, the EKRA Vision Alignment System EVA and the IQUESS (quick exchange squeegee system).

Alignment repeatability ± 12,5 μm @6 Sigma
EVA-EKRA Vision Alignment System
Cycle time: 11/9 s + print
Print format up to 610 x 510 mm
Suitable for stencils up to 31 inches
Program changeover < 2 mins

UIC Fuzion Mounter

Fuzion is an SMT equiptment that picks electronic components from feeders and place on PCBs.

The F27 head quickly and accurately places components as small as 01005 up to 55mm square with single field-of-view inspection and up to 25 mm tall.

Precision accuracy (27 μm @Cpk>1)


The NEW NXT III is a highly productive, multi-functional modular placing machine. BUilt for speed, it features a faster XY robot and tape feeders, as well as a new H24 head that achieves 35,000 chips per hour. The NXT III supports the smallest parts being used in mass production with extreme placing accuracy.

As well as supporting the smallest parts currently being used in mass production (0402 mm, 01005"), the NXT III can also handle the next generation of components heading for the market-0201 mm parts.

By improving machine rigidity and further refining it's independent servo control and vision recognition technology, Fuji has achieved a placing accuracy for small chip parts/ of +/- 0.025 mm* (3 sigma, CpK≥1.00).

Koh Young Zenith PRE-AOI

Zenith is the world's best-selling & first full 3D Automated Optical Inspection.

Eliminates all the sources of defects using full 3D measuring inspection equipment skills.
Full 3D data-based process optimization solution: Realization of Industry 4.0 smart factory.

Heller Reflow Oven

Heller 1700 model supports high mix/medium volume throughput at speeds up to 24 inches per minutes.
The most efficient heat transfer from extra high volume, high velocity, heating modules, producing heater module response of less than one second to temperature changes of less than 0.1 degree C
Wide process window allows many different boards to be run on single temperature profile.

Takaoka Toko HVI-8000C Thermal Warpage Inspection System

Perform warpage inspection under reflow temperature or set temperature conditions, without the need for sample preparation such as bump removal or paint treatment required by a general warpage inspection apparatus.

Applicable work size is max. 100x100mm, and a high-speed convection heater capable of heating speed 3℃/sec is included.

Heating temperatures range from -55℃ to 260℃
z resolution 0.1
Max sample size 100mmx100mm