Digital Initiatives and Resource Discovery Department

About the Department

The department of Digital Initiatives and Resource Discovery provides leadership, direction, and innovation in digital scholarship, digitization, digital preservation, scholarly communications, and oral histories to support the teaching and research needs of the university. Our mission is to help foster, create, and preserve open data, research, and scholarship. Digital Initiatives is a collegial environment, where communication and collaboration are two of our key values for supporting each other, the Libraries, and the campus community. 

Collaborating with Digital Initiatives and Resource Discovery

Would you like to develop a digital project, share and preserve your scholarship, create an oral history/podcasting project, or launch your own open-access journal? We can support students and faculty in many ways by helping you develop and manage projects and by providing expertise on digital platforms.  

If you are interested in learning more about any of our services, please schedule a consultation .  


Digital Scholarship 

We offer support for new and emerging methods for research and teaching, including the development of digital projects, working with data, digital publishing, digital storytelling, and more.  We can also provide guidance on tools for content and digital asset management. Learn more about digital scholarship services. 

The pilot Digital Scholarship Center (pDSC), located in Science Library Building Room 209 (SL-209), is a flexible space offering an area for collaboration on digital projects, workshops, consultation services, and invited lectures.

The recording studio has hardware and software to create, edit, and share audio and video content for purposes including class projects, course introductions, presentations, podcasts, conducting oral history interviews, and other educational and professional purposes.

Open Repository and Digital Preservation 

Faculty, staff, and students are invited to share and archive their work through The ORB, the University‚Äôs institutional repository.  Long-term preservation of digital material is available via Rosetta, the Libraries digital preservation system. Learn more about our open repository and digital preservation services.  

We also offer a service to archive Binghamton University students' electronic thesis and dissertations (ETDs) in The ORB and make them public, open, and discoverable.  

Digital Collections 

Our digital collections feature unique digitized and born-digital materials curated and preserved by the Libraries. The collection includes historically significant documents, photographs, audiovisual recordings, postcards, and diaries.  

Open Access Journal Publishing

We can host research and student journals on The ORB.   There are no fees to set up a journal. Priority will be given for journals that are open access and peer-reviewed.  Learn more about open access journal publishing services


We support the digitization of materials for the purpose of scholarship and research. Our main focus is to digitize the unique collections of Binghamton University Libraries, but we also partner with other departments on campus to digitize materials in support of research projects, digital scholarship projects, and exhibits.  Learn more about our digitization services.  

Scholarly Communications 

We help support the life cycle of research and publishing by offering copyright and publishing consultations and providing  campus-wide advocacy, education, and outreach for open access to scholarship. We also can create DOIs for faculty, researchers, staff, and students who wish to assign a permanent identifier to their work, including datasets.

We support research data management activities including assistance with creating data management plans, identifying appropriate data repositories, and depositing data in the ORB (Open Repository @ Binghamton).

We also support Expert Gallery, a platform where you can Showcase your expertise and find other faculty and staff with similar research interests on campus.  

Learn more about our scholarly communication services.

Oral Histories 

We can partner with faculty and students to support the creation, sharing, and preservation of oral history interviews.  Learn more about our oral histories services.  

Web Archiving

We select and archive websites and webpages affiliated with the university. This is a new initiative and so we are only just beginning to build our collections.  If you are interested in web archiving please contact us via our consultation form.