Digitization Services

The Libraries’ department of Digital Initiatives and Resource Discovery supports the digitization of materials for the purpose of scholarship and research.  Our main focus is to digitize the unique collections of Binghamton University Libraries, but we also partner with other departments on campus to digitize materials in support of research projects, digital scholarship projects, and exhibits.  

The department supports the digitization of print (bound volumes and loose sheets), photographs, maps, LPs, CDs, and video.  Using an array of hardware and software, we scan physical materials, generate digital objects, create and attach metadata to those objects, and preserve them into our digital preservation system, Rosetta.  We make these objects discoverable via the Libraries’ online catalogue, Find It!, and through our digital management system, Omeka.   Several collections have also been added to New York Heritage

The Libraries digitize materials according to the recommendations and best practices established by cultural heritage institutions.  These include   FADGI’s Technical Guidelines for Digitizing Cultural Heritage Materials, New York State's Digital Imaging Guidelines, and Wisconsin History Digitization Guidelines  

Digitization Priorities 

The following criteria will be considered when prioritizing digitization projects:   

  • The Libraries have the right to digitize the material and make materials available online
  • Materials are of historic value, or are unique, or rare
  • The digitization project would give voice to marginalized or excluded communities
  • The project complements existing library collections and/or university initiatives  
  • The project is of significant interest to researchers, either locally or globally
  • The physical collection is at risk and needs to digitized to ensure long term preservation
  • Digitization is a condition for a donation of a significant collection
  • External funding or staffing is available to support the project 

Proposing a Digitization Project

Would you like to propose a digitization project?  Digital Initiatives solicits digitization proposals from the campus.  Please schedule a consultation with our team to learn more.