Technical Help

This page provides solutions to some common technical help questions. If you are having trouble accessing an e-resource, see the E-Resources Help page for specific information on how to troubleshoot your problem.

If you review this information and it still does not solve your problem, please complete the Technical Problems Reporting Form. Describe the problem in as much detail as possible, noting what error message you are getting, if any.

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Using Computers in the Libraries

How do I log into the computers in the libraries?

Students, faculty and staff use their BU/PODS account. Courtesy borrowers and community patrons need to obtain a guest account from a Library service desk.

How do I access the Libraries' wireless network?

Students, faculty, and staff have access to BU's wireless network. See the Binghamton University Wireless website.

How can I save documents I'm working on in the Libraries?

See data storage and backup. 

The Libraries' Website 

How do I use the Libraries' website from off-campus?

Most the website is accessible off campus without any special login. However, to get full access to subscribed databases, e-journals and other proxied resources users need to authenticate.  Databases and e-journals may be bookmarked but links need to be prefaced with:  

This URL prefix kicks in the authentication process necessary to access BU Only resources.

What are "BU Only" resources?

BU Only resources, or proxied resources  include subscribed databases, e-journals, e-books and other e-resources that are restricted by license agreements for the purposes of research, teaching, and private study. These resources are available on-campus. Current BU faculty, staff, and students can access these resources off campus by authenticating. Guest users are not given access to subscribed library resources from off-campus as this violates our license agreements with our database providers.

What are acceptable uses of “BU Only” resources?

See:  Acceptable use of BU only resources | Binghamton University Copyright PolicyBinghamton University Computer and Network Policy 

What Is the Libraries' OpenURL?

If you are using a service such as Endnote that asks for the libraries' OpenURL resolver to link to articles, use the following: 

Authentication Service 

If you are using a service such as Endnote that asks for the a link to the authentication service use the following: 

Find It!  

See Find It! FAQ.

Do I have to sign in to use Find It!? 

No, but if you sign in you will be able to view your library account information, such as items checked out. You can also renew items, place holds, and more. 

Why do I see funny characters when I use Find It?

You need a Unicode font to allow you to see special characters and non-Roman alphabets (such as Polish "I", musical flat, Arabic, Cyrillic, and Hebrew), which non-Unicode fonts cannot display. You can use Find It! without a Unicode font, but these special characters and alphabets will not display correctly.