The American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) is an international professional society that consists of professional engineers of many disciplines, people interested in the advancement of technology, and students. The ASME offers many services to student members such as:

  • Membership
  • Freshman first year dues are waived
  • Monthly ASME magazine and newsletter
  • Leadership/Communication Skills
  • Learn necessary skills at seminars and through chapter involvement
  • ASMENET (ASME network): on-line information on scholarships and loans. There are employment possibilities through the resume database and link, and you can look through an on-line career fair.

Through the Binghamton Chapter, students get

  • first-hand look at today's industrial world
  • visit engineering companies, such as Chrysler, IBM and Harley Davidson
  • Chapter and Regional Competitions
  • several on-campus activities

All engineering disciplines are welcome to join; ASME is not limited to  mechanical engineers.

National Web Page 

Faculty Advisor

Paul Chiarot, Associate Professor and Chair
Department of Mechanical Engineering

2023/2024 Executive Board 


President: Caroline Hargrove
Vice President: Sofia Peret
Treasurer: John Estabrooks
Secretary: Annabelle Hohne  
Project Coordinators: Chris Tringali and Mason Howland
Events Coordinator: Ivan Stanwood
Historian: Kyle Kamel
Graduate Mentor: Hunter Colomaio