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Assistant Professor Scott Schiffres discusses the new CDC guidelines for double-masking and his research into the performance of different fabrics for stopping COVID-19 on The Conversation

Prof. Scott Schiffres' mask research conducted with his research team was cited in the CDC's mask guidance (listed as Bagheri et al under "Recent studies"). 

US News and World Report published a helpful article for our students: What to Do With a Mechanical Engineering Degree

A study by Prof. Towfighian and Prof. Miles on a new way to make micro-sensors revolutionizing the future of electronics has been featured in multiple news outlets. The study - funded by a $480,958 grant from the National Science Foundation - finds a more reliable way to use actuators that control MEMS (microelectromechanical systems), which are microscopic devices with moving parts that are often produced in the same way as electronics.

Check out the latest Binghamton Motorsports Newsletter. Binghamton Motorsports designed, fabricated, and tested a ⅔ scale Formula Internal Combustion vehicle. This car competed in the 2019 SAE Formula Competition at the Michigan International Speedway in Brooklyn, MI USA in May 2019.

Assistant Professor Scott Schiffres' research on printing heat sinks directly on chips was featured in an article in EDN Network

Professor Emeritus, Frank Cardullo, was interviewed by PressConnects about his time at Link Group as an engineer who spent years working on the simulators Apollo 11 trained in before actually landing on the moon on July 20, 1969. Read the article here

Distinguished professor Ron Miles had his research on making microphones using thin fibers featured in an Inside Science article

Students presented their Watson Capstone Projects on May 10. One team in particular, the Reconnaissance Robot, caught some media attention. The recon robot was developed for the Tioga County Sheriff's Department, to be used in high-risk situations. Check out the full stories here: WBNG News, Fox 40 News

Xin Yong, mechanical engineering assistant professor, and Ao Li, graduate student, were featured in Science Daily, Deccan Chronicle, and other publications for their research which has uncovered the unique way in which a type of Gram-negative bacterium delivers the toxins that make us sick. Understanding the mechanism may help design better ways to block and eventually control those toxins. TOTAL CIRCULATION: Over 8.91 million.

Ron Miles, professor of mechanical engineering, was featured in Forbes, Science Daily and several other publications for a collaborative study with Cornell which found that mosquitoes can hear a range of low frequencies up to 10 meters away. TOTAL CIRCULATION: Over 44.9 million.

ME and MSE Graduate Students presented their research at the 14th Annual Graduate Student Research Symposium on April 12, 2019. This year students had the option of doing an oral presentation or poster presentation. Check out photos from the poster session and oral presentations.  

Assistant Professor Scott Schiffres recently received an NSF CAREER award for a project titled "Intermetallic Interfacial Thermal Transport for Advanced Electronics Manufacturing".

Sherry Towfighian, assistant professor of mechanical engineering, and Wathiq Ibrahim, post doctoral researcher, were featured in Popular Mechanics and other publications for their work in developing a smart knee implant that can monitor demands put on the implant and provide essential information for improving knee transplant longevity. TOTAL CIRCULATION: Over 11.6 million.

Associate Professor Sherry Towfighian's research on smart knee implants was featured in Popular Mechanics, Health Canal, news wise, Phys Org, Med India, Science Daily, and EurekAlert!

Associate Professor Sherry Towfighian's research on the creation of a new, more durable, MEMS switch was featured in Popular MechanicsEurekAlert!, ECN, E&T and Tech Times

Assistant Professor Scott Schiffres' research on cooling data center chips using 3D metal printing made it to the cover of and, and was featured in NetworkWorld

Students at McIntosh
Distinguished Professor Ron Miles took his graduate acoustics class to McIntosh (distinguished home audio systems). The audio systems are designed and handcrafted at their Binghamton factory. Students were able to view the entire production process as well as listen to a McIntosh stereo system in their in-house theater.

2017 Mechanical Engineering Newsletter

Distinguished Professor Ron Miles' co-authored paper, A Compliant Capacitive Sensor for Acoustics: Avoiding Electrostatic Forces at High Bias Voltages, IEEE Sensors Journal, Vol. 18, No. 14, July 2018, is one of the 25 most downloaded Sensors Journal papers in the month of June 2018. Included in this count are all Sensors Journal papers published since the Journal's foundation, about 6450 papers in total, and that last year, 502,904 Sensors Journal papers were downloaded from IEEE Xplore.

Halftime Magazine featured the research collaboration between small business, Ergosonic Percussion, and Distinguished Professor Ron Miles, PhD candidate Mahdi Farahikia, and undergraduate student Ari Massias. 

Associate Professor Roy McGrann was in Vietnam in March 2018 to promote our 3+2 partnership with Vietnam National University - HoChiMinh City.

Professor Roy McGrann with a student in Vietnam in front of a Binghamton University poster promoting our programs.  Professor Roy McGrann in Vietnam in front of a Binghamton University poster promoting our programs.

Associate Professor Paul Chiarot presented at a joint International Conference on Advances in Manufacturing, Materials & Energy Engineering at MITE Mangalore along with Dean Srihari and Dr. Khasawneh (SSIE) in March 2018.

Assistant Professor Congrui Jin and Professor Guangwen Zhou had their research on self-healing concrete featured on NBC News, BBC World Service, Reddit, Newsweek, The Daily Mail, IFL Science, Digital Trends, Atlas Obscura, GCR, Brinkwire, The Fifth Estate,  and siliconrepublic.

Professor Guangwen Zhou had his research on the cause of alloy weakness featured on Brookhaven National Laboratory and Global News Connect

Distinguished Professor Ron Miles travels to Saudi Arabia in November 2017.
Miles was invited to present a seminar titled: The Nanophone: Sensing sound with nanoscale spider silk to the Physical Sciences and Engineering Division of King Abdullah University of Science and Technology, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. While in Saudi Arabia, Miles spent time with former Binghamton University Mechanical Engineering associate professor, Mohammad Younis.

Ron Miles and Mohammad Younis in Saudi Arabia  Ron Miles and Mohammad Younis in Saudi Arabia at sunset

Distinguished professor Ron Miles and graduate student Jian Zhou had their research on spider silk microphones featured on UK Yahoo! NewsHealthy Hearing, Nature PhysicsDaily BeastMSN, Yahoo UK, International Business Times, Institution of Mechanical Engineerings, GOOD Health, PressConnects and WBNG 12 News.

Professor Changhong Ke had his research with NASA featured in Newsweek, Business Insider and IFL Science.

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