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Master of Music in Opera Degree

Binghamton University's Master of Music in Opera program collaborates with Tri-Cities Opera

Binghamton University is proud to have a collaborative relationship with Tri-Cities Opera, providing auditioned and selected students with professional stage experience. Since 1979, Binghamton University's Master of Music in Opera Program has collaborated with Tri-Cities Opera to create a unique and exceptional program combining the professional experience that Tri-Cities Opera can offer with the academic, performance and practical studies offered by Binghamton University. The teaching artists bring a wide experience of long and continuing careers in opera to the program. Students complete a minimum of 36 graduate credit hours in music courses, including master classes, studio voice, theory, history, lyric diction, coaching, vocal literature, movement, and acting. 

Application Deadline: January 15, 2019

MM Opera/Voice Audition Date at OPERA America, NYC: December 5, 2018
MM Opera/Voice Audition Date at BU: February 15 - 17, 2019

For more specific program information, contact Thomas Goodheart at



•Voice Lessons & Vocal Coaching
 • Studio Voice Class
 • Lyric Diction
 •Languages • Vocal Literature & Interpretation • Vocal Pedagogy
     •Stage Techniques/Opera Workshop • Dance/Stage Movement
  •Voice Master Classes 
•Music History 
• Music Theory

Singers interested in pursuing a Master of Music in Opera degree at Binghamton University should complete the MM in Opera application online at the BU Graduate School website.


COURSE REQUIREMENTS: Offered by the University in collaboration with the Tri-Cities Opera, this is a two-year program of professional training in preparation for an operatic career. Students must complete a minimum of 36 graduate credit hours in music with an average grade of B or above.


MUS 501: Music History and Research I (4 credits)*
*recommended to be taken within the first year of study

MUS 520: Graduate Theory Review (2 credits)*
*A student who demonstrates theory and musicianship and competencies through the theory diagnostic examination will be able to apply those two credits to electives.

Studio Voice Lessons (6 credits)

Tri-Cities Opera Workshop (6 credits)

Lyric Diction (4 credits)

Vocal Literature (1 credit)

Voice Coaching (1 credit)

Opera Ensemble (8 credits)

MUS 599: Thesis (4 credits)

Thesis Requirements consist of:

1. A full recital, approximately one hour in length, and
2. Opera roles: either one leading/featured role or two supporting roles.

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