Graduate Assistantships

The Department of Music offers a limited number of assistantships that include a stipend of approximately $5,000 to $10,000 per academic year (paid in bi-monthly installments) and a full or partial tuition scholarship .

Graduate assistants must be full-time students and are assigned an assistantship obligation of up to 18 hours per week according to their capabilities and the department's needs. Assignments include teaching individual and class lessons, musicianship classes, accompanying, assisting with ensembles, assisting with courses, supervising listening sessions, or general departmental administrative duties. Notification of an assistantship may be sent at the same time as notification of acceptance into the graduate program, or it may come afterwards.

Instructions for applying for a department assistantship are included with the application materials. Check the box on the application form and include the requested statement (there is no separate application for a Department assistantship). In addition to the requested statement of career plans, please submit a complete list of employment and other experience, both music related and other.

Applicants may express an interest in being assigned to certain types of duties if they wish; however, we cannot guarantee being able to fulfill this request in some cases. An on-campus interview may be part of the selection procedure for those interested in applying for an assistantship.

The application should be completed by February 1 (January 15 for opera and vocal performance majors) for matriculation the following fall semester.

Assistantships are usually awarded for one complete school year (September-May), and may be renewed for one additional year. Master's degree candidates are not eligible to receive an assistantship for more than two school years. A student holding an assistantship may not accept additional service obligations without the approval of the department and the Graduate School.

Work -Study Graduate Assistantships

Work-Study Graduate Assistantships are available on a competitive basis to continuing matriculated graduate students who demonstrate financial need. Applicants should submit a Financial Aid Form to the Student Financial Aid and Employment Office. A resume and completed application for Graduate Work-Study should be submitted to the Graduate School Office. The amount awarded depends on the individual student's financial need, the amount of funds made available to the University, and the amount of aid the student may be receiving from other sources.

Applications must be submitted in early May.

Contact the Graduate School Awards and Scholarships team at