Housing Forms You May Need

Housing Forms

Off Campus Programs and Services has the following forms and information to assist students with their housing needs.

  • New York State Tenant's Rights Guide 
  • New Student's Guide to Living off Campus 
    Information for transfer, graduate or international students planning to live off campus in the Binghamton area.
  • Housing Search Checklist 
    Take this handy checklist with you when you go to inspect a prospective apartment. It itemizes a list of major and minor issues that may present problems in the future.
  • Damage Checklist 
    Use this form when you move into your home as a protection against the loss of your security deposit. NOTE: If you sign a lease while another tenant currently resides at the dwelling, add a statement to your lease explaining the damage checklist is a part of the agreement when you move in.
  • Rental Agreement 
    If you are interested in renting from month-to-month rather than leasing for the year, the Rental Agreement is an example of a fair and reasonable contract. It is not necessarily the same contract your landlord uses, but the Rental Agreement contains protection for both you and your landlord during the rental period.
  • Sample Lease 
    While the landowner from whom you rent may use a different lease, the sample lease is an example of a fair and equitable contract. You may wish to compare it with any you consider.
  • Consent to Sublease 
    You may wish to sublet your apartment or home at some time during your tenancy. Use this Consent to Sublease form to protect your rights as a primary tenant.