Housing Forms You May Need

Housing Forms

Off Campus Programs and Services has the following forms and information to assist students with their housing needs.

  • New York State Tenant's Rights Guide 
  • New Student's Guide to Living off Campus 
    Information for transfer, graduate or international students planning to live off campus in the Binghamton area.
  • Housing Search Checklist 
    Take this handy checklist with you when you go to inspect a prospective apartment. It itemizes a list of major and minor issues that may present problems in the future.
  • Damage Checklist 
    Use this form when you move into your home as a protection against the loss of your security deposit. NOTE: If you sign a lease while another tenant currently resides at the dwelling, add a statement to your lease explaining the damage checklist is a part of the agreement when you move in.
  • Co-Tenancy Agreement 
    Use this form to clearly establish the relationship among all housemates, for instance, how you will equally share expenses, or how you will divide household chores. This agreement is also known as the "Friendship Saver."
  • Rental Agreement 
    If you are interested in renting from month-to-month rather than leasing for the year, the Rental Agreement is an example of a fair and reasonable contract. It is not necessarily the same contract your landlord uses, but the Rental Agreement contains protection for both you and your landlord during the rental period.
  • Sample Lease 
    While the landowner from whom you rent may use a different lease, the sample lease is an example of a fair and equitable contract. You may wish to compare it with any you consider.
  • Consent to Sublease 
    You may wish to sublet your apartment or home at some time during your tenancy. Use this Consent to Sublease form to protect your rights as a primary tenant.