New Hire

  • What documents do I need to complete my I-9?

    The documents that you may use are listed on the back of the I-9 form.

  • How often do I renew my I-9? 

    If you are a citizen, once every three years, whenever there has been any break in service, or if you have a name change. If you are an international student, the I-9 should be renewed every time your I20 or DS 2019 expires, if you have a change in status, or a name change.

  • When do I get paid?

    This varies depending upon your employee group, your start date, and the timely processing of new hire paperwork. In general, we are on the New York state lag payroll, which means the paychecks are issued every other Wednesday for faculty and staff, and every other Thursday for student employees. The initial paycheck is generally received three to four weeks after the hire date.

  • Where do I pick up my paycheck?

    If you are a faculty/staff member, including graduate assistant/teaching assistant, the paychecks and direct deposit advices are distributed within your department. If you are a student employee, you can pick up your paycheck or direct deposit advice at the Student Payroll Service Center in the Couper Administration Building, 2nd Floor, room 225.

  • What do I do with my time sheets?

    You and your supervisor will sign the timesheet and forward it to Human Resources.

  • Who do I talk to about my health insurance?
  • How do I sign up for direct deposit?

    To set up direct deposit for the first time, or to make any changes to an existing direct deposit, please complete the Direct Deposit form. 

    To reactivate direct deposit after a break in service, please complete the Direct Deposit Reactivate form.  

    Send your signed, original form to Human Resources/Payroll.

    *Please note: If you are adding direct deposit to any bank account that has a co-owner, your co-owner must also sign the direct deposit form.

Faculty Employment

Professional Employment

Classified Employment

Essential Employee Program


Graduate Assistant/Teaching Assistant


  • How do I access my W-2 Form online?
  • How do I sign up for direct deposit?

    To set up direct deposit for the first time or to make any changes to an existing direct deposit please complete, sign and submit the following form:  Direct Deposit *

    To reactivate direct deposit after a break in service, please complete, sign and submit the following form: Direct Deposit Reactivate.

    You will send your signed, original form to Human Resources/Payroll.

    *Please note: If you are adding direct deposit to any bank account that has a co-owner, your co-owner must also sign the direct deposit form.

  • Do I need to bring my direct deposit form to my bank and have them fill it out?  

    No — If you are depositing to a checking account and can attach a blank, VOIDED check to the form, the bank does not need to complete any information on the form.

    No If you are changing an amount or distribution percentage to an existing account — the bank does not have to fill it out, but if it is a joint account we do require both signatures.

    Yes If your are depositing to a savings account, or to a checking (without attaching a blank, VOIDED check), then you must have your bank complete Section C of the direct deposit form.

  • When will direct deposit go into effect for my paycheck?

    The general rule of thumb is to submit your direct deposit form two Fridays prior to pay day, to allow us to meet the entry deadline and ensure activation of the direct deposit. It's important to complete the contact information in section A, so there will be no delays in processing your form if we have questions.

  • Do I need to re-activate direct deposit every (academic) year?

    Yes if you have had a break in service for more than three pay periods then you must reactivate Direct Deposit using the Direct Deposit Reactivation Form. If you have made changes to your bank account(s), you must use a Direct Deposit Enrollment Form.

  • I want my payments to be directly deposited into my ONLINE bank account. What form do I use?

    ​Please use the AC-2722 form for direct deposit enrollment. The Office of the State Comptroller, who oversees the payroll for faculty, staff and students paid on the NY State payroll, will only allow deposits to exclusively-online banking institutions who participate in the Federal automated clearinghouse system (ACH). Direct deposit to online checking accounts are accepted if the check from the banking institution provides the specific account number, routing information, and the printed name/address of the account holder(s). However, any deposits to online savings accounts will require signatures from the actual online bank staff. If these signatures cannot be obtained, we cannot allow direct deposit into the online account. 

  • When will I receive my first pay check?

    New York State employees are paid on a biweekly lag basis, which means that payment is made either two or three weeks after the completion of the pay period.

    If you are an employee on the Faculty/Staff or Graduate/Teaching Assistant payroll, your first check or direct deposit advice will be issued at the end of the 2nd pay period after you begin working. For most people, it is approximately 4 weeks after you begin work. You may or may not receive a full paycheck for the first pay period, depending upon when your first day of work occurred in the pay cycle, and if your bargaining unit includes a provision for salary withholding.

    If you are an employee on the Student Assistant, or Federal College Work Study payroll, your first check or direct deposit advice will be issued 1 week after the end of your second pay period worked. For most people, it is approximately 5 weeks after you begin work. Since these payrolls have an hourly pay basis, your check or advice should reflect all hours worked in the first pay period.

    All payment dates are dependent upon payroll deadlines. If appointment paperwork is received after the payroll deadline, a significant delay in payment may occur.

  • Where do I go to pick up my pay check?

    If you are a Student Assistant or Federal Work Study, at the Student Payroll Service Center, Room 225, in the Couper Administration Building.  Their hours of operation are 8:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m., Monday-Friday during the academic year. Please check HR News on the Human Resources main page (hr.binghamton.edu) for information on summer hours of operation.

    If you are a Graduate or Teaching Assistant, or Professional, Faculty or Staff your check goes directly to your department. Please contact your department representative for details on your paycheck distribution.

  • How do I change my tax withholding?

    To change your federal withholding, please complete a new W-4 form.

    To change your New York state withholding, please complete a new IT-2104 form.

  • How soon do I need to submit tax withholding changes for a paycheck?
    The general rule of thumb is to submit your tax withholding form two Fridays prior to the pay day to allow us to meet the entry deadline and ensure activation of the tax withholding change.
  • I'd like to claim exemption from taxes. What forms do I need?

    To claim exempt on your federal withholding, please complete the W-4 form.  Leave blocks 5 and 6 blank and fill in exempt on line 7.

    To claim exempt on your New York Sate withholding, please complete the IT-2104E form.

  • My permanent address is within the five boroughs of New York City. How does this affect my taxes?

    On the IT-2104, you must indicate NYC or Yonkers residency. Based upon this information, our office will enter local taxes for NYC. You must also indicate a withholding allowance on line 2.

  • How do I get a replacement copy of my W-2? May I request replacement of W-2s from prior years?

    We are able to issue replacement W-2 forms from current and prior years.  However, due to new requirements from the Office of the State Comptroller (OSC), duplicate W-2 forms must be reviewed and approved by OSC before they can be reissued to employees. Employees requesting a duplicate W-2 should fill in the W-2 Reissue Request form found at these links: 

    • W-2-Reissue-Request  

    Please allow up to 5 business days before we can re-issue the W-2 to you.  We will be happy to mail your reissued W-2 to your current address; please allow additional time for mailing. Contact the Student Payroll Service Center at 607-777-6284, or Tom Petersen at 607-777-2122. Questions regarding W-2 replacement policies should be directed to Cheryl Robinson at 607-777-2129.

  • This year, my W-2 reflects a much lower tax amount in block 2 than last year. I haven’t made any changes in my Federal tax withholding allowances. How could this happen?

    In March of 2009, the ‘Making Work Pay’ economic stimulus package was implemented. Part of the package included a change in Federal tax withholding tables. This program could have caused a decrease in tax withholding for some employees, resulting in more net (take-home) pay each pay period. The significance of this decrease depends on tax withholding status, and taxable income. Employees are encouraged to review their own tax data to determine if changes may be necessary. Questions can be directed to Cheryl Robinson at 607-777-2129.

  • I handed in my time sheet but haven't been paid yet—why?

    Although the HR office can confirm a pending payment, this usually requires contacting your department, because the paperwork for your appointment may not have been completed. If the paperwork was completed, then your time sheets may have arrived after the deadline.

  • I lost my paycheck; can you help?
    We can, in most cases, get your paycheck replaced. It can take up to 3 or 4 weeks. Please contact the Human Resources Office at 607-777-2122 for assistance. 
  • I'm a Classified employee, will I be paid "extra" money for working a Holiday?
    Employees who are required to work on a holiday will receive holiday pay (straight time) in addition to their Regular pay, unless they have elected to receive time instead. Employees who are required to work on Thanksgiving and Christmas will receive holiday pay at time and a half, in addition to their Regular pay, unless they have elected to receive time instead.

HR Masters and Coordinators

Position Request Form

  • When do I need to complete a position request form?

    A position request form needs to be submitted to the Human Resource office:

    To request approval to fill all positions on the faculty/staff payroll whether the person is going to work for one hour or indefinitely.

    To change the funding source of a position on the faculty/staff or GA/TA payrolls. Please remember, when you change the funding on this form you need to change the funding source (award) in the Labor distribution schedule and when you change the funding in the Labor schedule you need to do a position request form for these two payrolls.

    To request a reclassification (change in title or grade) for an existing position.

    To move a position from one organization to another.

  • What happens to my position requests?
    All position requests for the faculty staff payroll are submitted to the appropriate Vice President's office for approval and if the use of state funds are involved, to the Budget Office for approval. When approved, the Human Resource Office will convert the position status to valid and will notify the program area that the position is available to be filled on the designated effective date.
  • Do I have to request approval for adjunct positions every semester?

    It depends. If you initially requested approval to fill for the full academic year, it is not necessary to request a new approval to fill for the spring semester. However, if you just requested approval to fill for one semester and now want to expend that appointment into the next semester you will need to have a new approval to fill. A basic rule to keep in mind is a new approval fill is required whenever you want to extend an appointment beyond the previously provided tentative end date.

Tax Treaty Questions


  • What documents do I need to provide for enrolling in health insurance/dental/vision benefits?  

    You must provide the following document(s) as applicable:

    • Yourself proof of social security number and date of birth.
    • Spouse marriage certificate, proof of social security number, proof of financial obligation if married more than one year, AND proof of date of birth.
    • Other dependents proof of social security number AND proof of date of birth. Dependent children over age 19 also need to provide proof of full-time student status. 

    Additional information is required to enroll a domestic partner, please ask for a special packet of information from Employee Benefits or go to the Forms page, then select the Domestic Partnership forms.

  • Who qualifies as a dependent?

    Eligible dependents include your spouse (including your same sex spouse if you have a marriage certificate from a jurisdiction in which same sex marriage is legal ask for more details); same or opposite sex domestic partner; your unmarried children under age 19, which includes your natural children, legally adopted children and dependent step children; and your unmarried children between the ages of 19 and 25 if registered as a full-time student. Please contact Employee Benefits (607-777-4850) to ask about eligibility for ‘other' dependents.

  • Who qualifies as a domestic partner?

    Your same or opposite sex domestic partner who must be 18 years of age or older, unmarried and not related in a way that would bar marriage. You must be co-residing and financially interdependent. At the time of application, you must have been in this partnership for 6 months. You must be able to prove both residential and financial interdependence.

    Please note that there are tax implications, referred to as "imputed income," when adding a domestic partner. For further information please go to the Forms page, then select the Domestic Partnership forms.

  • How do I find a participating provider for the Empire Plan?

    There are several different ways to find a participating provider. You can access an online listing through https://www.cs.ny.gov/employee-benefits/nyship/ or through the Department of Civil Service website at https://www.cs.ny.gov.

    You can call the NYSHIP Empire Plan toll free phone number directly at 1-877-7-NYSHIP (1-877-769-7447). There is a printed book of participating providers available in the Human Resources Office. You should use caution when using this book as it is only as current as the day it was printed.  Also, please note, it is very important that you ask the physicians office directly if they "participate with the New York State Employees Empire Plan."

  • How do I find a dental/vision participating provider?

    Depending upon your affiliation with the university, where you access this information will vary, as the carriers are different. For all state sponsored dental and vision units (GSEU, PEF, MC, NYSCOPBA and C82), you can access this information at the Department of Civil Service website https://www.cs.ny.gov. For those employees represented by UUP, you can access this information at https://uupinfo.org/ or by calling the benefit fund at 1-800-887-3863.  For CSEA represented employees, you can access this information at https://www.cseaebf.com/ or by calling 1-800-323-2732.

  • Will I get separate dental/vision insurance cards?

    For all state sponsored dental and vision units (GSEU, PEF, MC, NYSCOPBA and C82), you will received two separate cards for these programs. Dental is provided by GHI and vision by EyeMed. For employees represented by UUP and CSEA benefit funds, you will not receive a separate ID card.

  • Can I enroll or change from individual to family coverage anytime?  

    You can enroll for insurance or change from individual to family at anytime; however, the effective date is dependent upon the reason for the change.

    • With prompt notification of a qualifying event, the change could be effective as of the date of the event or shortly thereafter.
    • Without prompt notification or without a qualifying event, the effective date may be as long as 10 weeks from the request date.
  • Can I change from family coverage to individual coverage or cancel my insurance completely at any time?
    • If your premiums are deducted on a pre-tax basis, you may change coverage with prompt notice of a qualifying event. Without a qualifying event, you may change coverage during the annual option transfer period only.
    • If post-tax, you may change or cancel coverage at anytime.
  •   What is considered a qualifying event?

    A change in family status (e.g.. marriage, birth, death, divorce, or only dependent child's attaining the maximum age for coverage).

    If you are enrolled in an HMO and you no longer live or work in the HMO's service area, you must choose another HMO or the Empire Plan. Other qualifying events can include:

    • Your spouse loses coverage due to termination of employment
    • You first become eligible for health insurance coverage
    • Your employment with the State terminates
    • Your spouse has a change in employment status which results in either acquiring or losing eligibility for health insurance coverage
    • You receive a divorce/legal separation and are required under court order to provide insurance for your eligible dependent children and/or legally separated spouse.
  • What is a co-payment?

    It is a routine out-of pocket expense that the enrollee/patient pays when using a participating provider.

  • What is a deductible?
    The amount of out of pocket expenses you must pay before your insurance will begin to pay. This is only applicable when using an out of network provider under the Empire Plan. 
  • I enrolled in the SUNY ORP with TIAA; however, I have contacted them and they are showing an account balance of zero. Where is my money?

    There is a 366 day vesting period for new employees enrolling in the Optional Retirement Program (ORP). During this vesting period, your 3% contribution is held in an escrow type account and is not invested with TIAA-CREF. Once you have satisfied your 366 day vesting period, the accumulations of your 3%, plus the state's contributions, going back to the first day, are then sent to TIAA-CREF and are invested into your allocation choices. From that point forward, every 2 weeks your money plus the state's money is sent directly to TIAA-CREF to be invested.

    If you separate from service prior to vesting, you are entitled for a refund of your own contributions, plus any interest accumulated, but you would not be entitled to any state contributions.

  • I recently turned age 65 — does this have any effect my benefits?

    As long as an employee is actively working in a benefits eligible position, no matter your age, NYSHIP will be your primary insurance carrier. Once you are age 65 and eligible for Medicare, we suggest that while you are still working, that you enroll in Medicare Part A only. Part A is the hospitalization portion and is a free benefit to you. Keep in mind that in this scenario, Medicare Part A would be secondary coverage for you as long as you are working and eligible for NYSHIP. Most people do not take Medicare Part B until they are no longer working (retired), as this would be secondary insurance to your NYSHIP coverage and there is a monthly premium for Part B, which is the major medical portion of Medicare.

    Please keep in mind that once you are retired or no longer working and reach age 65, you MUST be enrolled in Medicare Parts A and B.

  • I have decided to retire, what paperwork do I need to do?
    1. If you are a member of one of the New York State Retirement Systems' (ERS or TRS), you will need to file an application for service retirement with the appropriate retirement system. Please keep in mind that retirement applications must be filed and received by the applicable retirement system at least 30 days prior to retirement, but not more than 90 days prior. For employees in the Optional Retirement Program, you should contact the appropriate carrier when you are ready to discuss your options.
    2. You must notify your department, in writing, at least 30 days prior to your retirement date.
    3. You will need to meet with a Human Resources representative to finalize health insurance paperwork prior to your retirement date.
    4. Visit our Preparing for Retirement Checklist as a helpful resource



  • I'd like to hire someone for a temporary position. What is the process?

    You will need to submit a position request web form requesting approval to fill or create a position. It is located online (link).

    When you have received approval to fill the position, you will need to submit a Hire/Rehire HR Form.

  • What documents will be required for my new hire?

    All of the new hire forms are now located on our web site (link).
    Print each of these forms

    Please note: * The I-9 form, (employment eligibility), must be signed in person at a Human Resources location most convenient for you: Couper Administration Building, 2nd Floor, room 225 (Student Payroll Services Center) , or Couper Administration Building, 2nd Floor, room 244.

Search Committee

  • What does "online recruiting/ applicant tracking" mean?

    Simply put, it moves job applications from a paper/postage process to a web-based process. Instead of receiving resumes and cover letters primarily through the mail, a search committee will log into their Interview Exchange account and see candidate information: name, address, contact info, cover letter, resume, references, samples, etc. Candidates will answer a few questions determined by the search committee, and will attach their materials. The web-based service is through a vendor called "Interview Exchange" which provides the software program.

  • How much has the process changed for hiring a professional employee?

    The basic process remains the same. Budget, VP and the Office of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion approvals must still happen before a job is advertised, and the 10-day internal posting process remains in effect. The primary difference is that candidates apply through an online link instead of putting their materials in the mail, and search committees access candidate information primarily through Interview Exchange.

  • Why did the campus move to online applicant tracking?
    Increasingly, applicants were asking for it, as well as a number of search committee members who regularly recruit. There are many advantages that helped drive the effort, including: reduced administrative burden for required reporting; the screening/sorting assistance for search committees; the ability for committees and the university to understand what advertising sources yield the most applicants; search committee members being able to review resumes online from any location that's web-accessible, and communicate from any distance; and an automatic email confirmation that candidate materials have been received. Human Resources researched available vendors for the online service and found the one-page application of Interview Exchange was the most user friendly at this time. 
  • What if the search committee wants to print the resumes or samples?
    Committees can choose to print and keep paper copies of information the candidates supply. They may also ask individual candidates to send additional samples or other information at their discretion. 
  • What if a candidate sends a paper application through the mail?

    You have a few options: communicate with them and ask that they apply online; or review their qualifications against your minimum requirements and type in their basic contact information to include them in your search. If it's a campus employee, share their name with Human Resources so internal candidate promotion status can be determined. 

  • How will a campus employee know if they are an internal candidate?
    Per the UUP Internal Promotion agreement, Human Resources will continue to verify Tier 1 Internal, Tier 2 Internal, or External candidate status for each applicant. At the end of the 10-day posting period, each campus employee applying to the posting will be notified of their Tier ranking by HR. The search committee will also be notified and should remember that they must review the materials of eligible internal candidates prior to reviewing external candidate resumes. The search committee is also responsible for responding to internal candidates, re: their status in the search before external candidate consideration.
  • How will external candidates know the status of their application?
    Interview Exchange will send an email to each applicant who completes the application process at the time it's submitted. This should address many complaints we have received in the past from external candidates who indicate they are never informed of their status in a given search. After this initial acknowledgement, the search committee is responsible for sending a message to those who are not selected for consideration. 
  • How is a search committee set up to use the system and view their posting online?

    Human Resources sends each search committee member a user name and initial password as soon as the posting is ready to be advertised. The Diversity, Equity & Inclusion officer will also have viewing access to posted positions.

  • What if an applicant has trouble using the system?

    The application process uses basic computer navigation skills. The applicant clicks on a link in the advertisement, which brings them right to the job description and application. They will see a few questions to answer "yes" or "no," then be asked to attach their resume and other documents. Then, they click the "Submit" button. There is a Help Desk feature which allows users to ask for Interview Exchange technical assistance directly if they should have problems.

  • Once the committee has sorted candidate materials submitted and "moved" them to certain folders, can they retrieve complete lists of candidates?

    Yes, selecting "All Folders/All Candidates" will retrieve a comprehensive list of every candidate who applied for the position, regardless of how their applications were sorted by the committee.

  • What about retaining files after the search has closed?
    The system will keep a history of the job search, with electronic copies of all candidate materials, even after the recruitment has closed. You should also keep a summary of the search on file, including the job advertisement, position description, a list of all applicants and who was finally selected to meet the requirements.
  • Instead of copying resumes of candidates we wish to interview/hire to the Office of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, can we place them into an online folder and let ODEI know they are ready to be reviewed?
    Yes, and you will probably discover other ways to use the online folders to organize your searches. You should also move the selected candidate to the folder "Affirmative Action Part 3" so it can be viewed by HR and DEI.
  • Where can I see examples and learn more?

Workers Compensation

  • What is Workers' Compensation?

    Workers' Compensation is the nation's oldest (1910) no-fault insurance program, and has some unique features. It was set up to provide immediate assistance to injured employees. Generally, related medical bills are paid under this program, and sometimes wage replacement benefits can be gained for employees who miss work due to work-related disabilities.

  • What are the wage replacement benefits?

    Currently, the wage replacement benefit is 2/3 of pre-injury salary up to a maximum of $1063.05 per week effective July 1, 2021. For previous year rates please visit the link here.

    It's important to note that there is a waiting period when no wage replacement benefits are paid. This waiting period is the first 7 calendar days starting when full work days were lost (usually the first 5 full work days for most employees). For the waiting period, the employee should use their leave credits. All partial work days lost for doctor's appointments, etc. are not covered under Workers' Compensation insurance. Following a due process decision from the Worker's Compensation Board (WCB), the University might be able to restore leave credits to the employee, partially or in full, at a later date.

  • I need a claim number. What is this and where do I find it?

    Both the Workers' Compensation Board (WCB) and the State Insurance Fund (SIF) establish claim numbers for "reportable" cases. However, these agencies take some time to establish these numbers; like any insurance claim, liability first needs to be established.

    When an employee calls the Accident Reporting System (ARS), they are given an incident number. This serves as a "place holder" until the claim (case) number is established. Employees should share the ARS incident number and the contact information for SIF to any medical providers, pending the establishment of the claim (case) number.