Address Change

It is important that the Office of Human Resources has your current address. Keeping your address up-to-date is especially important at the end of the year when W-2s and other income tax related forms are sent to your home address.

If you've moved, or are planning a move, you may let us know in one of three ways

  • You may report Legal address changes online by logging into the Self Service Portal using your Binghamton University Computer Account username and password.  This will report the change to the office of Human Resources, Payroll and Employee Benefits systems.


  • You may visit our office on campus to complete a Change of address form.  We are located in the Couper Administration Building, Room 244 (2nd Floor)


  • Contact the staff member in your department who is responsible for HR Forms.
    • They will submit an electronic HR Personal Data Form for you.
    • Human Resources will receive the transaction and update the appropriate HR, Payroll and Employee Benefits systems.

Other considerations - information is not automatically transferred to all vendors; therefore:

  • Contact your local post office. Complete a "Change of Address" notification so your mail can be efficiently forwarded to your new address.  Visit
  • Student employees should also contact the Registrar's office and provide them with their new address. Changing your address with Human Resources will have NO impact on your address on file with the Registrar's Office.
  • If you are a retirement system member, you will need to contact them to update your address.
    • This can be done via your online account with NYSLRS (ERS & PAFRS members) or My NYSTRS (Teachers Retirement) sign in.
    • Notify your Optional Retirement Program (ORP) and/or voluntary savings plan vendors such as Corebridge (AIG), TIAA, Fidelity, NYS Deferred Compensation and Voya as well.  Likely this can be done via your online retirement account.
  • UUP and CSEA represented employees enrolled in their respective dental/vision plan, please contact your union's employee benefit fund office:
    • CSEA: 800-342-4146, option 4
    • UUP:  changing your address with Human Resources will transmit to the UUP Benefit Fund office, along with Davis Vision & Delta Dental
  • If you joined the union, please contact your applicable union member office to update your address.
  • If you participate in the Flexible Spending Account (FSA) program, contact their customer service to update your address at 800-358-7202, option 1.
  • You will also want to report the change to other plans you may carry through the unions or other agencies (i.e. life insurance, NYS 529 college savings plan, etc.)
  • It's important to note that a change in address either from a New York City or Yonkers address to a local address, or from a local address to New York City or Yonkers will impact local taxes. An IT-2104 tax form should be completed at the same time as the address change is requested, indicating residency in New York City or Yonkers. Questions should be directed to the Payroll office at 607-777-2193, or the Payroll Manager Cheryl Robinson-Boyett at or 607-777-2129.

Related Forms

Human Resources & Payroll  Change of address form.

Changing Your Name

For a name change, contact the Social Security Administration

Others you need to notify are:

  • Your department
  • Human Resources/Employee Benefits - provide HR with a copy of your new Social Security card, complete an updated I-9 Form (at the HR front desk, AD 244), and if necessary provide a new PS404 Health Insurance Form
  • If you are a retirement system member notify them of your name change, including voluntary savings plan vendors you may invest with such as Fidelity, TIAA, NYS Deferred Compensation, Valic & Voya.
  • If your BU email address(es) need updating submit a request through the campus I.T. Helpdesk.
  • You will also want to report the change to other plans that you might carry through unions or other agencies (i.e. life insurance, union membership, NYS College Savings Program, etc.)
    • UUP Status Change Form - update UUP Benefit Fund dental/vision insurance plan or call UUPBF at 800-887-3863
    • UUP Union Membership - call 800-342-4146, option 4
    • CSEA Benefit Fund - update your CSEA sponsored dental/vision insurance plan or call CSEABF at (800) 323-2732