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HR Transaction Forms

(Formerly Oracle Smart Forms)  

HR Transaction Forms

You will sign into the HR transaction form using your Binghamton University Computer Account username and password.

You must have attended training to have the appropriate access assigned.

Generic Line Numbers for use on Position sub-tab of HR Forms (Student Payrolls Only)

Please use the line listed below on all HR Forms for the payrolls listed below. Please note, for the Faculty/Staff payroll (28020), please use the line number provided to you from Human Resources in your Position Request approval.

Generic Line Numbers



Graduate Assistant (28029)


Teaching Assistant (28029)


Student Assistant (28021)


Federal College Work Study (28023)


Steps to Request HR Forms Access

Please note:  If you attended training for the new HR Forms — your supervisor does not need to complete these steps.  You will be provided access to the new forms.

  1. Employee must attend mandatory training. You may register for HR Forms training through the University Center for Training and Development.
  2. The employee will notify his/her supervisor when the training has been completed.
  3. HR will grant the access to the employee.
  4. For HR related access questions please contact Vicki Metritikas or Jonathan Roma.

HR Reports & Label Request Form

Requests for HR data reports will be fulfilled through this form.

This form is for the campus use of Binghamton University HR Coordinators and HR Masters only. All HR provided reports are confidential documents.

All requests for HR data will be verified that the requester has received the appropriate training and been provided with either HR Coordinator or HR Master level access to this data. In addition, a signed agreement to protect confidential information form  must be on file for anyone who submits a request for HR data.

Campus label requests are only available to internal campus constituents and all requests must relate to activities or programs sponsored by the University or its operating units.

Approved label requests will be provided in Excel format and are to be used solely for the approved request and may not be used for any other purpose, shared or disseminated to any other party.

Options for printing labels include, but are not limited to:

  • By the requestor — creating labels via mail merge and printing in office.
  • Print Solutions providing a print ready Word document or PDF file to Binghamton University Print Solutions. They do require that the requestor provide the labels, as they do not maintain stock. There is a fee for this service.
  • Outside Vendor services and document formats required for printing vary by vendor. Some are able to merge addresses from Excel directly onto a mailing.

Please note: You will be required to log-in to your campus Bmail account to submit a request.

HR Data Report Request Form

*Request HR data. All requests will be filled within 3 business days and emailed to the requestor in Microsoft Excel format, password protected. The Password will be sent by separate email.

Policies for Business Systems

Human Resources Documents

Obligation and Payroll Appointment Dates

HR Transaction Processing Deadlines

Payroll Calendars

Helpful Documents

Extra Service / Dual Employment

Please visit our Extra Service/Dual Employment page.


Please visit our Managers and Supervisors page.

Honoraria Payments for International Guest Speakers and Lecturers

Not all visa holders are eligible to receive payment; therefore, discussing this prior to making any commitments to the presenter is very important. Click here for additional information.

Salary Schedules

Please visit our Salary Schedule page.


University Center for Training & Development — View and register for upcoming training sessions.

If you cannot find a scheduled training session that will work for you, individual training sessions are available by appointment only. Please contact Vicki Metritikas for more information.

Volunteer Appointments

Click here for instructions to appoint volunteer and non-salaried employees. All University volunteers must be documented for liability and workers' compensation reasons.  Additional services such as library privileges and parking may be available to volunteers.


Human Resources maintains the following listservs to assist in the sharing of important human resources and payroll information:

  • HR Masters
  • HR Coordinators

Please contact Vicki Metritikas if you feel you should be added or removed from one of these listservs.