Miscellaneous Expenses

Travelers frequently incur miscellaneous expenses during their travel. In all cases, in order to be considered reimbursable, these expenses must be reasonable, actual, and necessary. To be reimbursed, original receipts the miscellaneous expenses must accompany the travel voucher.

Reimbursable Expenses

Business-related expenses such as:

  • Telephone calls
  • Internet connection fees
  • Baggage transfer and storage
  • Supplies and materials
  • Taxi, shuttle and parking charges
  • Itemized UBER/Lyft receipts 

Nonreimbursable Expenses

Non-business related items such as:

  • Parking tickets or speeding fines
  • Laundry service
  • Expenses for someone other than yourself
  • Seat upgrades
  • New York State taxes
  • Personal charges
  • Fees associated with flight or train changes for personal reasons
  • Entertainment (for example, theater tickets, in-room movies, etc.)
  • Cleaning fees charged on Airbnb stay

Travelers must provide receipts with expense reports in the accordance with the chart below:

Expense Type Documentation Required*
Charge on the State Travel Card Receipt

Transportation by Common Carrier (e.g. train, bus, airplane, subway)

Ticket stub if purchase price is printed on the stub; receipt and ticket stub if purchase price is not printed on the stub

Taxi Receipt
Rental Car Receipt showing return time
Tolls - EZ Pass

EZ pass statement with applicable charges indicated

Tolls - Cash



Day Trip Meals - Receipted Receipt
Hotels - Receipted Receipt
Miscellaneous and incidental expenses Receipt

The "no receipts necessary for miscellaneous items up to $75" rule is no longer in effect. Please keep any and all receipts from your travel event to make sure you are reimbursed for everything coverable per the NYS OSC travel guidelines and manual.