State-Funded Airfare/Train Policy

All airline and train reservations for state funded travel must be booked through a State authorized travel agent certified through the Office of General Services State Contract.


Non contract air bookings are allowable under these exceptions:

  • an emergency
  • when the non-contract fare saves $200 or more per round-trip ticket (must be the same exact itinerary as specified to the travel agent)
  • when contract flights would require the traveler to incur unnecessary overnight lodging costs

When an exception occurs the Contract Exception Form form should be submitted to the Business Office Travel Department.

The authorized travel agency for the Broome County region is Plaza and Sawtelle Travel .

New York State Travel Agent Contractor transaction fees for the Broome County region are:

  • Travel Agent Airline Transaction Fee = Plaza Travel $15.90
  • Train/Bus Transaction Fee = $0


The following procedure should be used by travelers for the booking and reimbursement of air travel:

  1. The traveler must complete the campus Request and Authorization for Travel, securing the appropriate approvals and identifying eight digit NYS funding account(s).
  2. The completed Request and Authorization for Travel (clearly indicating the request for an airfare control number, contact person and telephone number), should be sent or delivered to the Business Office.
  3. Upon receipt of the travel authorization, the travel office will assign an airfare control number to the request and contact the designated person named on the request with that number, which can then be used as authorization.
  4. The traveler or designated person named on the authorization will contact one of the authorized travel agencies shown above, providing the agency with the airfare authorization number and making appropriate air arrangements.
  5. The approved Travel Agencies, through Visa Citibank, will centrally bill the campus on a monthly basis.
  6. The Business Office will then charge the appropriate State account.

Voiding State Funded Airfare Tickets

Time Limits

Travel Agents may void tickets up to midnight one business day after the date of ticket issue. Airline customers may void tickets up to 24 hours after the reservation is made with the airline.
After these times, the ticket may no longer be voided.