Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can classes outside of the PPL major be substituted for course requirements?
A: Substitutions for study abroad classes are made on a case-by-case basis. See your advisor if you are considering study abroad. With respect to courses offered at Binghamton University, the on-line list of course requirements offers the most up-to-date list of courses that can satisfy the major. If you wish to take a course for the PPL major not currently on this list, you may contact the PPL Director with details about the course in question. The Director continually reviews new course offerings for possible inclusion in the major and invites your suggestions.

Q: How often are PPL courses offered?
A: Each PPL course will be offered over the course of your four years at Binghamton but specific classes are not offered each semester and sometimes infrequently. Plan ahead and check with the secretary of the department in question if you want to know in advance which courses will be offered in the coming year.

Q: Do internships count for credit?
A: The PPL program believes that internship experiences can be a tremendous benefit to your educational experiences. They are above and beyond the course requirements for the PPL major. It is sometimes possible, however, to have an internship count toward general education requirements (though not specifically a PPL requirement). One possibility is to pursue an independent study with a faculty member where the internship experience is part of the independent study requirements. See Harpur College Academic Advising for more information or the specific faculty member with whom you wish to pursue the independent study. The specific requirements of the independent study are worked out between you and the faculty leading the independent study.

Q: The PPL “course requirements” page lists required courses such as “Phil 456” but the actual courses offered in any given semester typically have a letter associated with the course, such as “Phil 456N”. Does that count toward the major?
A: Yes, any letter attached to that course number counts toward the PPL major. If a requirement only allows a course with a specific letter, then that letter appears on the list of course requirements.

Q: Can I double-major? Can courses count toward both majors?
A: Double-majors are common at the University. PPL can accommodate double-majors especially well given the broad range of courses across disciplines that satisfy PPL requirements. The PPL program has no specific restrictions regarding the number of PPL courses that can count toward a second major. However, your second major may have different rules and you should check with an advisor from that major about their requirements.

Q: Who is my advisor?
A: Check the list of course advisors online. You may meet with any advisor of your choosing during their walk-in advising hours or simply make an appointment.

Q: How often do course offerings change?
A: Course offerings are updated each semester. This information is conveyed through the PPL listserv and as well as an updated webpage each semester.

Q: Where do I go to get answers to further questions?
A: You may visit a faculty advisor directly during his or her office hours. Faculty office hours and e-mails are posted under “B.A. Degree”. You are welcome and encouraged to seek advising from a PPL faculty advisor at any time during your years at Binghamton.