Tanenbaum Prize

Supported by an endowment established in honor of Jeffrey L. Tanenbaum ('73), the Jeffrey L. Tanenbaum Essay Prize in Philosophy, Politics, and Law recognizes an outstanding paper about law or legal institutions written by a junior or senior student majoring in Philosophy, Politics, and Law (PPL).

2019 Tanenbaum Prize Winner

Alexander Christen, Consequentialism, Decision Theory, and Weak Sufficientarianism 

2018 Tanenbaum Prize Winner

Bradley Woloz, "How Social Attitudes Can Create Human Rights Violations" 

2017 Tanenbaum Prize Winner

Tina Szpicek, "Mass Atrocities: Criminal Accountability and the Non-Recurrence of Sexual and Gender Based Violence"

2016 Tanenbaum Prize Winner

Jonah Heckelman, "The Imperative of Decarceration"

2015 Tanenbaum Prize Winner

Alexander Hart, "Causality and International Redistributive Justice"

2014 Tanenbaum Prize Winners

Tori Misrock, "Implications of the Nuremberg Trials on the Trajectory of International Law, and the Reunification of German-Jewish Cultures"

Jeremy Raphael, "Foreign Law, Integrity and the 9th Amendment"

2013 Tanenbaum Prize Winners

Larisa Arens, "International Jurisdiction: An Analysis of Larry May's Theory of Crimes Against Humanity"

Amanda Levine, "Amicus Curiae Memorandum for a Case Concerning the Fourth Amendment"

2012 Tanenbaum Prize Winner

Courtney Skarupski, "Judicial Review: Precondition of Sovereignty or Undemocratic Institution?"

Honorable Mentions

Val Anias, "Legal memorandum analyzing a First Amendment case"

Michael Burke, "Domestic Violence Courts: Emerging Ambiguities within the American Legal System"

Hillary Scrivani, "Fairness: A Necessary Value in Society"