The New York State University Police at Binghamton is a fully accredited law enforcement agency since 2019 recognized by the New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services with 42 sworn law-enforcement officers.

The number of officers is proportional to the number of students enrolled at Binghamton University. 

Compared to other SUNY Centers

Binghamton University - 1 officer per 477 students
University of Buffalo - 1 officer per 530 students
University at Albany - 1 officer per 439 students
Stony Brook University - 1 officer per 446 students

Compared to local municipalities

Binghamton PD - 1 officer per 311 people
Johnson City PD - 1 officer per 382 people
Endicott PD - 1 officer per 400 people
Binghamton University- 1 officer per 499 people

Our Mission

The mission of the New York State University Police at Binghamton is to provide law enforcement services that furnish a safe environment for the campus community.

Biased Conduct/Enforcement Prohibited

The New York University Police Department at Binghamton University is comprised of officers who are diverse, empathetic, and have a graduate level understanding of how to police on an institution of higher learning.  It is the policy of the New York State University Police and responsibility of each member to protect the rights of all individuals regardless of race, color, national origin, sex, religion, age, disability, gender, pregnancy, gender identify, sexual orientation, predisposing genetic characteristics, marital status, veteran status, military status, domestic violence victim status, socio-economic status, or ex-offender status; to treat all individuals with dignity, equality, and fairness.  To assure that all official actions where an individual's freedom to move about is hindered is based upon reasonable suspicion or probable cause.  Bias or prejudice of any kind will not be tolerated in any dealings with individuals whether they are victims, suspects, when being taken into custody, or while in the custody of our University Police Department.


Our New York State University Police Department has a duty to protect and serve everyone in our community.  Regular and continuous training allows our police officers to remain diligent in their duties while always adapting to new approaches in an ever-changing world.  The bulk of our annual training is in-service training which is conducted twice a year (during winter and summer break).  In addition, numerous other training programs are conducted throughout the year for both our new officers and our seasoned officers.  Many of these training programs are required by NYS Division of Criminal Justice Services for every certified police officer in NYS.  However, our NYS University Police Department goes above and beyond the required training programs by requiring additional training to assure our officers are educated and informed about the many aspects of community policing. 

Our officers are also called in to service to provide training for local law enforcement academies.

The following is a list of training programs conducted over the last year.

  • Training Program
    Training Program Hours Date
    (In-Service) Legal Updates, Narcan, AED, CPR, OC, Baton, Firearms, Taser, Use of Force (Penal Law Article 35), and De-escalation 16

    12/1/2020- 12/16/2020

    Ethics for Law Enforcement 2 12/10/2020- 01/31/2021
    Haz/Com, Right to Know, Workplace Violence, Domestic Violence, Internal Controls 2.5 12/26/2020- 01/31/2021
    De-escalation and Use of Force 1 Feb 2021
    Use of Force- Legally Justified, but was it Avoidable 1.5 Feb 2021
    Social Media and the First Amendment 1 March 2021
    Procedural Justice 5 03/09/2021, 03/29/2021, 04/14/2021
    In-Service De-escalation 3 02/03/2021
    Community and Police Relations 2 Apr 2021
    Firearms, Use of Force, De-escalation 8 06/02/2021- 06/18/2021
    DCJS online De-escalation 1 06/19/2021-07/19/2021
    DCJS online Use of Force 1 06/19/2021-07/19/2021
    Reality Based Training, Scenario Training including De-escalation 8 07/16/2021, 07/20/2021, 07/22/2021, 08/03/2021
    Bloodborne Pathogens .5 07/14/2021- 08/12/2021
    Additional Training provided to Selected Department Members    
    Promoting and Protecting Civil Rights (5 members) 24 02/28/2021- 03/20/2021
    Fair and Impartial Policing - Instructor Recertification 4 05/19/2021
    DCJS Police Supervisor Course (1 member) 120 01/04/2021- 01/22/2021
    FEMA IS 200, IS 2200, IS 800 (incident command related courses) 11 01/11/2021 (200) 03/18/2021 (914) 03/31/2021 (800) 04/07/2021 (2200)
    Tactical Communications 4 03/19/2021
    Mobile Application Investigations 1 02/22/2021
    Procedural Justice and De-escalation for Supervisors 8 02/11/2021
    AED, Narcan, CPR, Stop the Bleed for SSA and Dispatch staff 2.5 06/11/2021
    Mental Health First Aid Instructor course (1 member) 18



    1. De-escalation training is a theme that runs through much of the training police receive.  It is taught both as stand-alone training and as a part of every training program that involves the use of force, conflict resolution, reality-based training, and any topic that involves police interaction with the public.

    2. In some cases, training attended by selected department members was for the purpose of either becoming an instructor on the topic or bringing the training program back to the department for review and possible implementation. 

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