The New York State University Police at Binghamton is a fully accredited law enforcement agency recognized by the New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services with 42 sworn law-enforcement officers.

Our Mission

The New York State University Police at Binghamton is a fully empowered state law enforcement agency. Our officers receive their basic training at the Zone 6 Municipal Police Training Academy conducted at the Broome County Sheriff's Public Safety Facility in Binghamton, N.Y. Our officers receive additional, ongoing training addressing the needs of our campus environment.
Our primary mission is to provide a safe environment for the campus community. Protecting life and property, preventing and investigating crime and maintaining public order are among our top priorities. No police agency is effective without help from the community it serves. Our department's success relies in part on the involvement of the University community. We encourage all community members to become aware of crime prevention practices and to participate in our department's educational offerings.
Through a collaborative effort, we hope to make your experience at Binghamton University a safe and enjoyable one.