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New York State University Police

About Us

The New York State University Police at Binghamton is a fully empowered state law enforcement agency. 

Protecting life and property, preventing and investigating crime and maintaining public order are among our top priorities.

No police agency is effective without help from the community it serves.  We encourage all community members to become aware of crime prevention practices and to participate in our department's educational offerings.

Through a collaborative effort, we hope to make your experience at Binghamton University a safe and enjoyable one.

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Summer Travel Safety Tips

Whether traveling in New York State or beyond, follow these safety tips to keep yourself, your friends, and your belongings secure.

  1. RideShare/Taxi Safety: Check the license plate, check the car model/make, and confirm the driver's picture. In addition, ask the driver what your name is before getting in. Share your trip with roommates or family so they can ensure you get to your destination.
  2. Walking: Take well-lit, and well traveled streets. Do not take shortcuts or use dark alleyways. Remove headphones and stay alert (look up, not at your phone).  Whenever possible, walk with a friend, especially in a foreign place.
  3. Biking: Know the rules for the city you visit. This guide to International Bike Safety is comprehensive. Wear a helmet, ensure the bike is working properly, and has lights/reflectors. Have a credit card, photo ID, phone (of course!), and water. Want to bike Binghamton? Check out the Two Rivers Greenway!

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Last Updated: 6/12/19