Compliment, Complaint and Suggestion

The New York State University Police at Binghamton University is dedicated to providing the highest quality police services to the community in which we serve. Your compliments, complaints and/or suggestions are important to us and we appreciate your taking the time to communicate with us. 


Most interactions between University Police Officers and members of the campus community are amicable, and much of our work involves educational initiatives. Our commitment to law enforcement is based on respect for individual rights. At times the work of any police agency is inherently dangerous and often confrontational. An officer’s intervention often involves extremely difficult circumstances in which confrontations and miscommunication between members of the campus community and the police may arise.

The University Police urge resolution of complaints through informal means whenever appropriate however, if you believe you were treated unfairly or unprofessionally by any University Police personnel and want to lodge a formal complaint, you are encouraged to seek assistance through the process outlined below:

1. Complete the attached formal Compliment, Complaint, Suggestion Form. Be sure to sign and date the form.

2. Send or bring one copy of the completed forms to:

Chief of University Police
Couper Administration Building
Room G24D
Phone 777-2275

3. You may also report any complaints to any one or all of the following below:

University Ombudsman
Library South
Room G526
Phone 777-2388
Auditor (complaints about ethics and fraud)
Phone 777-2128
The Affirmative Action Officer

New York State Law and applicable collective bargaining agreements forbid disclosure of personnel related information regarding sworn police officers; therefore, the University may neither confirm, nor deny, whether and personnel action has been taken related to your complaint.

Please print out and complete the form linked below:

Click here for Compliment Complaint Suggestion Form

The Compliment, Complaint and Suggestion form is also available at our department located on the ground floor of the Couper Administration Building.  We can also provided to you envelopes that will not require postage.