University Police Statements

October 13, 2023

In a video shared on social media, there is a perception by some that a student made a Nazi Salute. After a thorough investigation, interviews and review of the evidence, University Police have determined that the gesture was NOT a Nazi Salute. We encourage everyone to stop sharing that video as it incites emotions and angry outbursts that only make a difficult situation more difficult to manage.

Full Police Report

"After the report of an alleged Nazi salute made at the Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) rally, we utilized the video provided by the anonymous person reporting combined with the body worn cameras (BWC) to locate the incident. Based on the full review of the BWC video, the person we believed captured the alleged Nazi salute was seen and heard aggressively antagonizing the SJP supporters. The actions and movements of the female who allegedly made the salute are clearly visible from the BWC and are not indicative of a Nazi salute. Video evidence and statements from others confirm that the actions of the female including the position of her arm and hand are related to a verbal exchange about the antagonizers stature. The report of a Nazi salute is unfounded."

To learn how we are ensuring student safety on campus you can read a statement from the President.