Binghamton University uses the RAVE messaging system to register and send B-Alert emergency emails and text messages. 
At the beginning of each fall and spring semester, anyone who logs into the portal will receive an automated pop-up screen prompting them to enter at least one cellular telephone number capable of receiving text alerts. This pop-up screen will appear each semester and will easily allow you to update your information.

To sign up without going through the portal, go to and click the "Register Now" button. Your username is your current Binghamton University email address.
Also be sure to check the Emergency Management website that has a wealth of information about emergency planning, response and preparation.

The B-Alert system is supplemented on campus by the Alertus system, which allows the New York State University Police Dispatch Center to send out a B-Alert message within minutes of learning of an emergency by simply pushing a button. This initial message is meant to alert the campus to any immediate action individuals should take and will be followed by updates using B-Alert as warranted.