Sons of Italy building

Originally called "L'Ordine Figli d'Italia," the Order Sons of Italy in America was established in the Little Italy neighborhood of New York City on June 22, 1905, by Vincenzo Sellaro, M.D., and five other Italian immigrants who came to the United States during the great Italian migration (1880-1923). Their aim was to create a support system for all Italian immigrants that would assist them with becoming U.S. citizens, provide health/death benefits and educational opportunities and offer assistance with assimilation in America.

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A group of Italian residents in Endicott founded and organized the Society Duca Degli Abruzzi for mutual protection and development. The lodge took its name from Luigi Amadeo, Duke of the Abruzzi, who was an Italian nobleman, mountaineer and explorer of the royal House of Savoy. He is known for his Arctic explorations and for his mountaineering expeditions, particularly to Mount Saint Elias (Alaska–Yukon) and K2 (Pakistan–China). He also served as an Italian admiral during World War I.

The lodge accepts an offer to become a unit of the Order of Sons of Italy in America.

George F. and George W. Johnson donate the land for the lodge building and each man donates $10,000 to the lodge building fund.

Ground broken for building on Odell Avenue.

George F. Johnson added to the building fund with a donation of $10,000 in Italian Treasury bonds. Opening night festivities featured opera singers, beginning a tradition of opera performers at the lodge that continued into the 1950s.

Women's lodge under the name Prinicipessa Maria Di Piemonte is formed. Later is renamed The Daughters of Columbus Lodge No. 1666.

Columbus Celebration and Burning of the Mortgage, Sunday, October 10, 1937
"After 22 years of hard work and earnest effort members of Italo-American colony of Endicott have cleared the debt from the Duca Delgi Abruzzi Clubhouse of the Sons of Italy and they celebrated with a mortgage burning ceremony, banquet and dance in their lodge rooms. George W. Johnson, friend of the lodge since its inception, burned the mortgage and gave a brief address." Endicott Bulletin, Monday, October 11, 1937
The 1937 Columbus Day Festival Dance gave away a door prize of a new Chevrolet car. The winning ticket holder was Andrew Spence of Vestal, NY.

Sons of Italy Lodges in New York State begin campaign to boost sales of Endicott-Johnson shoes. "Taking the initial step in their campaign to boost Endicott Johnson' shoes throughout New York State, members of the Duca degli Abruzzi, 443, Lodge of the Sons of Italy in Endicott visited the North Side E.J. Retail Store last Saturday and each purchased a pair of Endicott Johnson shoes." Endicott Johnson Workers Daily News, Monday, May 16, 1938.

Endicott Lodge initiates naturalization drive of all Italian residents in Endicott.

Celebrates 51st Anniversary with a banquet on Saturday, October 8, 1966. Dancing followed dinner to the music of Alex Apalovich and his orchestra.

Celebrates 75th Diamond Anniversary with a banquet on October 13, 1990. The Lodge sponsored an essay contest, "The Italian Influence on American Society", as part of their 75th Anniversary year celebrations. The three winners were: Miss Patricia Giorgi, U-E HS senior, Mr. Chris Tedesco, M-E HS senior, and Miss Jennifer Lasky, U-E HS senior. After dinner music was provided by Los Vega.

celebrated 100 year Anniversary.