BEP Courses

Basic Chemistry (CHEM 100)

A one-semester course designed for students with a weak or no high school science background. It is designed to prepare students for Chemistry 104-105, 107-108 or Chemistry 111. Chemistry 100 does not fulfill the Harpur all-college requirement in math and science.

Math 100 - Algebra Enrichment

This course offers three different levels of courses; MATH 100A, MATH 100B, and MATH 100C.  The descriptions for these courses are as follows:

MATH 100A - Algebra Enrichment I:

Beginning Algebra. Students at this level cover the following topics: Fractions, decimals, and percents; Order of operations; Solving basic (linear) equations and inequalities; Using algebraic expressions to represent basic real-world scenarios to help solve word problems. Exponents, polynomial operations, factoring, and rational expressions as time allows.

MATH 100B - Algebra Enrichment II:

Intermediate Algebra. Students at this level cover the following topics: Exponents; Polynomial operations; Factoring; Linear equations; Systems of linear equations and inequalities; Solving quadratic equations; Rational expressions/complex fractions. Functions and graphing.

MATH 100C - Algebra Enrichment III:

Advanced Algebra/Pre-Calculus. Students at this level cover as many of the following topics as possible: Solving higher-order polynomial, rational, radical, and absolute value equations; Solving polynomial, rational, and absolute value inequalities; The study of various types of functions (linear, quadratic, polynomial, rational, exponential, logarithmic, and trigonometric), their properties, and operations. 

Bridging Academic Writing (WRIT 101)

WRIT 101, "Bridging Academic Writing," is a course designed to help students bridge the gap between high school and college. Drawing from theories informed by the latest research in composition studies, WRIT 101 aims to provide students the necessary tools to be successful participants in a college-going culture.

To be Announced Humanities Course (ABC 123)